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Sabres Getting Tons of Trade Calls on Sam Reinhart, But There’s a Catch

The Buffalo Sabres shouldn’t have any trouble trading Sam Reinhart based on the amount of interest out there for him. But, there’s a catch.

As per comments by NHL insider Elliotte Friedman, he noted during a hit on WGR 550 that the Buffalo Sabres are getting numerous calls about forward Sam Reinhart. Friedman discussed trade buzz surrounding Reinhart and noted, “I’ll tell you this. I’ve heard there is a lot of interest in Reinhart. I’ve heard there is a lot.”

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Reinhart has is a pending restricted free agent coming off a $5.2 million deal. His name is among many that insiders have pegged as possibly not returning to a Sabres roster that could be making major changes this offseason. Speculation is that he’s not terribly happy with the direction the organization is headed.

All that said, any team that would be interested would basically trading for the rights to negotiate a deal with the player.

Friedman added, “The thing that makes Reinhart a little trickier is that you’ve got to do a contract with him. So that’s not to say it’s impossible but I think it makes it a little trickier but I’ve hear there is a lot of interest.” The question becomes, if you’re looking at Reinhart, what are you willing to give up if you don’t know the player’s intentions during the offseason? Obviously, there’s an element of control for the team landing him, but RFA’s have a lot more power than they ever used to and if Reinhart is absolutely against playing for the team he gets traded to, there’s a good chance he doesn’t play.

Sam Reinhart Buffalo Sabres
Sam Reinhart Buffalo Sabres NHL

As such, Friedman writes that the process for most teams inquiring will be will to ask the Sabres if they can talk to Reinhart’s agent about an extension. In fact, Friedman noted that some teams might actually be reaching out to Reinhart’s agent anyway, even if they aren’t being granted permission.

Teams That Might Be Interested in Reinhart

The list is long of teams that could be checking in on Reinhart as a trade option. The New Jersey Devils, Columbus Blue Jackets are among a couple of clubs that have the space and the need for such a player.

He checks so many boxes and makes so much sense for a lot of teams, but the cost of the contract and what has to be sent to Buffalo in return are major factors.

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