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Pridham Stays with Maple Leafs: Dubas Does Dual Penguins Roles

In a surprise move, Brandon Pridham stays with Toronto Maple Leafs. Kyle Dubas will do both Pittsburgh Penguins’ roles.

The 2023 off-season has been nothing short of eventful for the Toronto Maple Leafs. The action surrounding the team was marked by potential (but not yet fulfilled) contract extensions. Then there was the surprising removal of general manager (GM) Kyle Dubas, and the equally surprising hiring of a new GM in Brad Treliving.

However, until Treliving took over, the one key figure for the Maple Leafs was Assistant General Manager Brandon Pridham. He was the person left holding the team together until the new GM came into the job.

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Most Hockey Fans and Analysts Believed Pridham Would Move to Pittsburgh

When the off-season began with the Maple Leafs letting Dubas go, it didn’t take long for Dubas to find another position. He headed to Pittsburgh to assume the role of President of Hockey Operations for the Penguins.

Kyle Dubas Penguins NHL Draft
Kyle Dubas Penguins NHL Draft

At the same time, Dubas noted that he would also work in the interim role of the GM. However, he also noted that he’d do both jobs on a short-term basis. He was going to seek a “suitable candidate” to take over as the Penguins’ GM position.

Most hockey people speculated that Dubas would select his successor, and that successor would be Pridham.

Elliotte Friedman Reported that Dubas Was Waiting for Pridman to Decide

Recently, Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman shed light on the Dubas/Pridham situation. In an interview with NHL Network, Friedman revealed that Dubas had been waiting on a decision from Pridham about whether he’d be coming to the Penguins.

Pridham was thought to be the top candidate for the Penguins’ GM job.

Pridham Chose to Stay with the Maple Leafs

When he finally had to choose, Pridham chose to stay loyal to the Maple Leafs organization rather than join Dubas in Pittsburgh. There might have been a number of reasons for his decision. Perhaps it was the importance he placed on his job within the Maple Leafs’ front office. It also could have been his dedication to the team. Perhaps it was a family decision.

Pridham’s began his job with the Maple Leafs began in 2014 when he was hired as a Special Assistant to the GM. Over the years, he’s grown into a key cog in the team’s machine. His value and expertise, especially with all things salary cap, led to a well-deserved promotion to Assistant GM in 2018.

Pridham’s reputation is huge. He’s the person who knows things and does things behind the scenes to help the team negotiate and manage its salary cap. He’s been integral to the Maple Leafs’ roster moves for several seasons now; but, he was especially important during the off-season after Dubas left.

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Pridham’s Decision Influenced Dubas’ Choice

With Pridham making the decision to remain in Toronto, Dubas choose to continue with the full-time GM of the Penguins. Pridham didn’t move. Now the Maple Leafs don’t have to replace him with another person with similar skills. Undoubtedly, Pridham’s choice will help the Maple Leafs. It will also likely earn a feather in his own cap with the team.

In a business decision such as the one Pridham made, his commitment to the Maple Leafs organization will be of benefit to him somewhere down the road. Certainly, Dubas understands the choice.

Dubas Is in Pittsburgh; Pridham’s Is in Toronto

In Pittsburgh, Dubas is the boss and is doing the same job (plus more) that he had in Toronto. At the same time, it seems that (at least for now) Pridham will stay working behind the scenes in a job similar to the one he had when Dubas was in charge.

It would be difficult to see Pridham replacing new Maple Leafs GM Brad Treliving. Instead, he’ll likely work with Treliving in a new way – probably to be determined as the season progresses.

Good luck to both Dubas and Pridham.

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  1. Jon Harding

    August 5, 2023 at 10:10 am

    Kyle Dubas is now the enemy, the Pens are our opponent and it’s clearly obvious that Dubas was no boy genius while at the Leafs’ helm. Perhaps we could find something else to write about? Say, an update on the life and times of Darcy Tucker or an interview with the grandson of Mike Palmateer?

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