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Senators All-Too Familiar Struggles: Patience or Roster Overhaul?

In a familiar position and facing a challenging season despite offseason optimism, what are the Ottawa Senators trade deadline plans?

The Ottawa Senators find themselves in a familiar position, facing a challenging season despite offseason optimism. Expected to be a much more competitive team than they’ve been, with the NHL Trade Deadline not terribly far off, questions surround the roster and new management team. What are their trade deadline plans and how drastic will the changes to the roster be?

The ongoing struggle to convert the idea the team should compete into one that actually does has become an annual theme. With a potential late-season surge unlikely, the Senators are resigned to another second-half search for positives. The problem is, there aren’t many to be found.

So now what? Do the Senators hold tight to their plan and stick with the players they thought could get it done but aren’t? The new management team and ownership group will have to make that determination over the next few weeks.

Michael Andlauer Steve Staios Senators

The team has undergone significant changes with Michael Andlauer purchasing the club and hiring a new general manager and head of hockey operations in Steve Staios. Staios has now hired a new coach and fired the old one, with a Vice President coming aboard to help during the transition. But, how much of a transition are we talking about?

Is It Time the Senators Move All But Their True Core Guys?

One option would be for the Senators to part ways with veterans on expiring deals who garner interest ahead of this season’s NHL Trade Deadline. Among the names teams might look at are Vladimir Tarasenko, Dominik Kubalik, and possibly Travis Hamonic. From there, the club can remaining patient with the young core.

But, who should be part of that core? Does it include Claude Giroux or Jacob Chychrun? Trade discussions could involve players that won’t be a part of this club when the team is actually as good as it wants to be. The strategy could be to accumulate draft picks, clear some cap space, and focus on instilling good habits in the younger players under interim coach Jacques Martin.

Jakob Chychrun Ottawa Senators trade

The departure of Pierre Dorion potentially opens the door to more significant roster adjustments, considering the lack of ties or loyalties to existing players among the decision-makers.

What Should the Ottawa Senators Do To Finally Get This Team Going in the Right Direction?

While the roster currently faces challenges, the question arises: should the Senators contemplate more substantial changes? As Sean McIndoe of The Athletic points out, the prospect cupboard isn’t bare, but with most pieces already in place, a consideration of moving core players or making bold trades arises. He doesn’t believe the team will do anything drastic, but there are fans in Ottawa ready for major change.

The prediction leans towards the management’s commitment to stability and the traditional timeline for a new GM’s evaluation, making a major move less likely despite fan base expectations. But, more losses and a disastrous season could change things in a hurry.

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