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Oilers Update: How Bad Is Connor McDavid’s Latest Injury?

How bad is Connor McDavid’s latest potential injury after awkwardly falling in the game versus the Nashville Predators?

While his career going forward may forever be seen as one where any bad bump could send the hockey world into panic mode, there seems to be good news if you’re an Edmonton Oilers fans.

After rehabbing a leg injury that threatened McDavid’s career, on Saturday, the star NHL center fell awkwardly into the end boards. It was during the second period of the Oilers versus Nashville Predators game. An innocent skate collision, you could tell McDavid was in some discomfort as he sat on the bench and spoke with the Oilers trainer. Media were constantly trying to provide updates and many were reading into every conversation, every look, every second of playing time and whether or not the Oilers might be missing their star for any length of time.

McDavid did play in the third period but he wasn’t made available to the media following the game which, again, sent heads spinning as to what might be wrong.

The latest news came from head coach Dave Tippett who said after the game, that McDavid suffered a bruise on his knee. He called it “nothing serious” and said that McDavid insisted he was good to go after they iced it during the second and third period.

The reason McDavid wasn’t made available to media was because the Oilers were icing his knee right away as a safety precaution. What Tippett wouldn’t say but probably played a factor in McDavid’s lack of comments was also that they didn’t want McDavid having to answer a million questions about a bruise and it’s connection to the previous injury.

McDavid is almost super-human; anyone who saw the documentary “Whatever It Takes” knows that. Unfortunately, everyone will also be watching him like a hawk with every bump, bad hit or nasty fall. You could see the reaction on social media and from media and fans when there was concern this bruise was something more.

The assumption is that McDavid won’t miss any time but we’ll keep you posted here if that news changes.

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