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Oilers’ Desharnais Found Inspiration From Fiery McDavid Exchange

Edmonton Oilers’ Vincent Desharnais said a wake-up call from McDavid’s reshaped his and the team’s determined mindset.

In a candid and revealing episode of the “The Sick Podcast” with Tony Marinaro, Edmonton Oilers’ defenseman Vincent Desharnais shared insights into his personal journey and the newfound determination coursing through the team as they prepare for the 2023-24 season.

Desharnais, who has overcome numerous challenges in his path to the NHL, highlighted the team’s renewed sense of focus. The Oilers, gathering early as a cohesive unit, are poised for the upcoming season with an unwavering commitment to their goals. Desharnais, familiar with resilience from almost quitting hockey to reaching the NHL and securing a spot on the Oilers’ roster, embodies this spirit.

While Desharnais has experienced his fair share of ups and downs, particularly with some prominent mistakes in last season’s playoffs affecting his ice time, he revealed a profound moment with team captain Connor McDavid. Feeling responsible for McDavid’s “minus one” during a playoff game, Desharnais personally apologized to McDavid for his part in the play.

In a remarkable exchange, McDavid responded, “Dude, I don’t care about the stats, I just want to f**king win.” This candid declaration by McDavid resonated deeply with Desharnais, motivating him in a profound way. Desharnais swiftly grasped that McDavid’s unwavering focus was on the team’s success rather than individual statistics or accolades.

For Desharnais, this interaction with his captain marked a pivotal moment. It revealed McDavid’s unwavering commitment to winning and his readiness for the challenges ahead. The entire team, inspired by McDavid’s mindset, appears primed to give their absolute best on the ice as they aim for success in the upcoming season.

As Desharnais and the Oilers embark on their journey for victory, they carry with them the profound influence of McDavid’s selfless and determined approach, emphasizing that, above all else, the ultimate goal is to win.

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