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Oilers Odds Of Trading the 2024 First-Round Pick Extremely High

The Edmonton Oilers will do anything improve the team this season, including trade their first-round pick in 2024. What are they looking for?

Edmonton Oilers’ General Manager Ken Holland will likely act swiftly, even more so than last year, if weaknesses surface on the roster and there’s a need to boost the production of his team in 2023-24. The Oilers are clearly in win-now mode and you can tell from the way players are speaking at camp that they expect big things out of this roster. They’ll do their part, but it will be up to the GM to help where he can.

While the Oilers excel up front, uncertainties linger in goaltending, right defense, and right-wing positions. Allan Mitchell of The Athletic took a look at five different assets Holland will have that he can dangle on the trade market. Among them, he mentioned the 2024 first-round pick would be in play.

Ken Holland NHL Draft 2023
Ken Holland NHL Draft 2023

He’s not the only one to think so. Bob Stauffer of Oilers Now had a conversation with Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff and offered up a prediction during his show this past week. While talking about odds and percentages, Stauffer said that he believes there’s a 97% chance the pick is traded. (not sure if the 97 is an ode to McDavid).

Those are pretty high odds and Stauffer is fairly plugged in. If he’s throwing that number out there, it stands to reason he’s heard the Oilers are going to shop that pick this season.

Why The 2024 First-Round Pick Is In Play

Edmonton’s first-round selection is projected to fall within the 25-32 range. Holland will be (and should be) willing to give this pick away in a trade if the right piece is available to help the roster push through the playoffs. While the Oilers can get a solid prospect in that spot, the immediate help will be more beneficial to them.

Ideally, Holland would prefer to keep his options open until the trade deadline. Mitchell notes that potential targets could emerge from struggling teams, including Jets’ goalie Connor Hellebuyck, defenseman Dylan DeMelo, and Kraken’s right winger Jordan Eberle, all of whom could be enticing additions for Edmonton either during the season or at the trade deadline.

Trading this pick would mark the third consecutive departure of a first-rounder, following Reid Schaefer and the 2023 selection used by the Nashville Predators to nab Tanner Molendyk at No. 24. General manager Ken Holland is open to such a move if it brings immediate help, similar to the Mattias Ekholm trade with the Predators.

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