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Max Pacioretty Injury: Capitals’ Hopes Pinned to In-Season Return

The Washington Capitals pin expectations, in part, on Max Pacioretty’s return to rejuvenate offense in mid-season resurgence.

The Washington Capitals are eagerly awaiting the return of Max Pacioretty to the ice, but uncertainty shrouds the timeline for his comeback. New head coach Spencer Carbery expressed the team’s anticipation for Pacioretty’s return, highlighting the valuable asset he brings when healthy enough to suit up. The seasoned player himself had stated upon signing with the Capitals on July 1 that his Achilles tendon tear, requiring surgery in January, would prevent him from starting the season. The lingering question remains: when might he rejoin the action?

Carbery acknowledged the lack of a precise timeline, ruling out Pacioretty’s readiness for the regular season’s start. However, he hinted at a potential return in November or December, envisioning the forward as a significant mid-season offensive boost for the team’s top six, power play, and overall scoring potential. He explained:

“I’m not sure of the exact timeline. I don’t think he’ll be ready for the start of the regular season. But whether it’s in the November timeframe or December, whenever he’s healthy and ready to go, I think it gives us a great asset in Max to be able to, partway into the season, potentially give us a real jolt offensively in our top six, someone who can help us on the power play, someone who has proven time and time again that they can find ways to score, which is something that is coveted around the League.”

The Capitals Absolutely Need a Healthy Pacioretty

The 34-year-old Pacioretty’s potential resurgence could prove pivotal for the Capitals, aiming to secure a playoff return. There seems to be some uncertainty surrounding the roster and while other teams in the division did a lot over the summer to improve their lineups, the Caps didn’t do much. Pacioretty’s track record of six instances surpassing the 30-goal mark in the NHL makes him a coveted asset. Remarkably, this statistic would have placed him second in scoring on last year’s Capitals roster.

Yet, the challenge remains whether Pacioretty can fully rebound, given his recent history of playing only 44 games in the past two seasons and the approaching age-related factors. As the Capitals hold their breath, the hope lies in Pacioretty’s ability to regain his form and contribute significantly once he’s back on the ice.

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