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Logan Mailloux Gets Green Light to Play for Canadiens

Logan Mailloux gets chance to play for Montreal Canadiens

Logan Mailloux has been granted clearance by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman to join the Montreal Canadiens, according to Renaud Lavoie of TVA Sports. This development comes nearly two years after the Canadiens controversially selected Mailloux 31st overall in the draft, despite his request for teams not to draft him. The defenseman’s case was scrutinized due to his involvement in sharing offensive photographs.

Lavoie’s report affirms that the NHL has approved Mailloux, aged 20, to become part of the Canadiens’ active roster, provided he secures a spot through training camp. Mailloux had inked a three-year entry-level contract with the Canadiens in October of the previous year.

Mailloux’s selection by the Canadiens garnered significant attention as he had been convicted in Sweden three years earlier for distributing a photograph of a non-consensual sexual act involving him and a woman. The charges of defamation and offensive photography led to a fine of around $1,650.

Regarding his actions, Mailloux reflected on the 2021 NHL Draft, stating, “The NHL Draft should represent a pinnacle moment for a player, and considering the circumstances, I acknowledge my insufficient maturity or character to warrant that privilege in the 2021 Draft.” As a result, he faced an OHL suspension from September 2021 to January 2022. In July 2022, the Canadiens invested $1 million in a Respect and Consent initiative, involving Mailloux. This program strives to cultivate an understanding of consent, respect, and the gravity of sexual cyber violence.

Logan Mailloux gets chance to play for Montreal Canadiens
Logan Mailloux gets chance to play for Montreal Canadiens

With the NHL’s green light for Mailloux to join the Canadiens, speculation regarding his future has concluded. The defenseman’s journey from his controversial draft selection to this clearance underscores the complexities surrounding issues of responsibility, growth, and second chances within the sports arena.

Reactions to the news are varied. Some believe he shouldn’t be allowed a shot at the NHL, while others are more lenient, suggesting he’s tried to make amends for his actions, was 17 when the incident occurred, and should be allowed to pursue his dream of playing hockey if he’s taken the steps to improve himself.

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