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Kirill Kaprizov’s Upcoming Contract Could Be Biggest on Wild Roster

Kirill Kaprizov spoke of his upcoming negotiations with the Minnesota Wild and there’s talk he could become the team’s highest-paid player.

Kirill Kaprizov technically doesn’t have any “rights” when it comes to his next contract. He can’t file for arbitration, he can’t sign an offer sheet with another team, nor can he leave the Wild if he’s not happy with their offer. Still, none of that means he isn’t going to get a healthy offer from the Minnesota Wild or that he won’t be the team’s No. 1 priority this offseason.

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Michael Russo of The Athletic notes: “Whenever the young star signs on the dotted line, Kaprizov’s annual cap hit could be a franchise record setter and top Jared Spurgeon’s $7.575 million average annual value.” Clearly prepared to make Kaprizov a very rich man, Russo goes on to say that Wild general manager Bill Guerin has plans to speak with Kaprizov’s agent and restart the contract talks that began in March. 

Kaprizov says he wants to be involved in the discussions about his next deal. Through his translator he said, “I’m hoping we can discuss everything together and see what the best option is.” He noted that he’s happy to try and find something that works for him and for the team.

He also noted that he wasn’t the one to be able to predict his long-term future and how negotiations might go, Kaprizov did say, “I like everything (about Minnesota). Everything’s been good, the team’s been good to me, so I am very happy here overall.”

What About Money and Term?

While the Wild have $22 million in cap space available, they only have 14 players locked up. That doesn’t give them a ton of money to just blindly offer anything to arguably their best player now and certainly their best player in the future. Russo suggests that the Wild are certainly open to a long-term deal, but if they “aren’t willing to go north of an $8.5 million or $9 million cap hit on an eight-year deal, Kaprizov may prefer to sign for four, five or six years so he can truly hit a home-run contract at age 28, 29 or 30.” What that contract looks like at that time and when the salary cap is finally expected to go back up remains to be seen.

Kirill Kaprizov Minnesota Wild NHL

The one thing the Wild want to avoid at all costs is letting Kaprizov sign a one-, two- or three-year contract because, as of now, he’d be free to sign with any of the 31 other teams as an unrestricted free agent in 2024.

Kaprizov scored 24 assists and 38 even-strength points in 55 games. Over an 82-game season, that would be a 40-goal and 76-point pace. He’s a Calder finalist and this is clearly not a player the Wild went to let go.

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