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Jets’ Top Prospect, Rutger McGroarty, May Be On The Trade Block

Winnipeg Jets’ top prospect in Rutger McGroarty may be looking for a trade out of the organization this summer.

Rutger McGroarty, a prospect currently for the Winnipeg Jets, has suddenly been involved in trade talks. On Sportsnet’s 32 Thoughts: The Podcast, insider Elliotte Friedman dropped the news during June 22nd’s episode. The following statement is from Friedman regarding the situation:

“So, I am going to be really careful here Jeff, because there are a lot of answers I don’t have. His (Rutger’s) family advisor is not talking, and the Jets are not talking, but the one thing I can tell you is that I have heard his name has come up in trade discussions. The Jets have discussed trading him, and other teams have discussed acquiring McGroarty’s rights.”

McGroarty was a former first-round pick who was selected 14th overall by the Jets at the 2022 NHL Draft. This season he played for the University of Michigan where he recorded 16 goals and 52 points in 36 games. Friedman also adds that McGroarty decided that he wanted to return to Michigan willingly to play another season:

“Now, you’ll remember a few months ago after the NCAA season. McGroarty announced he was going back to Michigan for his junior year. The Jets have his rights for two more years. Again, I’m not going to guess on anything here, but I’m simply going to say that I’ve heard his name has come up in trade discussions. So, we’ll see where this all goes over the next couple of weeks. He’s a good player and he would be coveted.”

McGroarty Wants The Opportunity For A Bigger Role

With the Jets likely to be a playoff team for the foreseeable future, there’s very little room for prospects to gain a spot in the lineup. According to the Winnipeg Sun, McGroarty’s decision to leave would not be because of the city. Rather it would be because of him wanting a bigger opportunity to make an NHL roster.

Rutger McGroarty doesn’t see a future with the Winnipeg Jets

The Jets don’t have the best track record when it comes to managing younger players. 22-year-old forward Cole Perfetti was mostly a healthy scratch for the Jets during the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs, as they lost in five games against the Colorado Avalanche. Perfetti had 38 points in 71 games for the Jets this season.

23-year-old defenseman Ville Hienola has only played 35 NHL games since being drafted by the Jets back in 2019. He’s mostly been playing in the AHL with the Manitoba Moose, where he recorded 10 goals and 27 points in 41 AHL games this season.

Both Perfetti and Hienola are former first-round picks and have both experienced levels of mismanagement. In McGroarty’s case, going to an organization where youth development is a priority would make sense. He also wants to solidify a roster spot for himself and be given every opportunity to play at the NHL level.

So far the Jets have not commented on this developing situation. But a trade may likely come sooner or later so the Jets can get something in return for McGroarty’s rights.

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