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Insider Reveals Blue Jackets Ask for Dubois In Any Future Rangers Trade

If the Columbus Blue Jackets are going to consider the New York Rangers as a possible trade partner, it seems obvious what the ask will be.

Obviously, things can change and the chatter surrounding the Jackets and Rangers, at this point, is just chatter. But, according to Larry Brooks of The New York Post, if the Columbus Blue Jackets and New York Rangers are going to work on a trade that involves center Pierre-Luc Dubois, the two sides aren’t likely to get very far considering what Brooks says the Blue Jackets are going to ask for.

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The Rangers have been listed as a possible team in on Dubois. They have a lot of good young prospects and likely not enough space to play everyone. They’re also a team that likes to take a big swing on players and Dubois would certainly qualify. But, Brooks suggests the Blue Jackets are going to insist that either 2020 first-overall pick Alexi Lafreniere be part of the deal or Kaapo Kakko is.

This is probably a non-starter for the Rangers. While Brooks admits the Rangers won’t be able to land Dubois “without feeling pain in the transaction”, it’s hard to imagine either player — Lafreniere or Kakko — are on the table. Instead, Brooks suggests the Rangers offer something else.

He writes:

Yes, the Blue Jackets would probably like a center in return. Immediately, your mind leaps to Filip Chytil. So maybe a combination of Chytil and Matthew Robertson or Tony DeAngelo? But what if they want K’Andre Miller? Oh, you’d prefer to substitute Vitali Kravtsov for Miller?

Alexis Lafreniere Rangers training camp

Just Not Lafreniere

What if the Rangers really do want Dubois, and badly? How far would they be willing to go?

Perhaps it would take combination of Kakko and someone. Brooks writes, “So Kakko and Chytil? Or Kakko and Miller? Kakko, Chtyil, plus? The price would be that high.” Essentially, he’s suggesting the Rangers should explore the idea of any trade as long as Lafreniere isn’t included.

For the Rangers, it might be worth it. As Brooks points out, imagine Dubois and Artemi Panarin reunited on the same line and trying to reignite the spark they had during the 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons as teammates?

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