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Elias Lindholm Clearly Frustrated Discussing Flames Contract Talks

Elias Lindholm seems frustrated with the lack of movement in contract talks and the narrative he’s looking to leave Calgary.

Elias Lindholm spoke with the media on Wednesday and set the record straight on any rumors that he was looking to leave Calgary or that he wasn’t open to an extension. When asked about the team’s situation and his, he was asked if was open to staying long term and he responded, “Yep.” When media members looked for a bit more, he was asked if the new coaching and management staff was playing a role, he said, “Nah, it’s just I’ve been pretty clear I’m willing to stay. That’s about it.”

Media members were looking for even more and probed him on what exactly he told the Flames and if there was a timeline. He said, “From my side, it’s been pretty clear”, hinting that he’s told GM Craig Conroy what the team needs to do to keep him and he’s simply waiting for the team to meet him at his ask. He was asked what it was going to take to get over the finish line and he snickered and said, “It takes a lot, but you know, we gotta work it out. Right now I’m just focused on the season and the rest will take care of itself.”

Anyone watching that presser can tell this is about money and term for Lindholm. He’s got a figure in his mind and his agents have made that clear to the Flames. If they don’t offer the terms he wants, it sounds like it will be a plan to explore his options. That said, he doesn’t necessarily want to leave. He said he loves it in Calgary and in Canada.

Anyone watching can also tell the player was quite annoyed answering questions about something that he seems to suggest should be done already. To him, it’s simple. He wants to stay, he’s told them what it will take and now he waits. Lindholm appears to be growing weary of the ongoing narrative that will shadow him until his future is decided, as his body language and curt responses to the questions asked convey a feeling of frustration.

It’s yet clear if that’s a good or bad thing for the organization.

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