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Draisaitl Gets Into War of Words With Media Over Oilers Struggles

Leon Draisaitl got into it with media writer Jim Matheson after Oilers practice Tuesday. Is that what the Oilers need right now?

Something that happens far more often than fans likely realize, a member of the media and a player on a team got mixed up in a battle of words. In this case, it was Hall of Fame writer Jim Matheson and Edmonton Oilers forward Leon Draisaitl. The two went at each other verbally when Matheson pushed Draisaitl for a more specific answer on why the team is struggling.

The media conference took place after Tuesday’s practice and Matheson asked Leon if he could name one thing that was the root of the Oilers losing streak. Draisaitl said it as a bunch of things, to which Matheson asked if he would care to expand. Draisaitl said “nope” and after declining, took a shot and said something to the effect of ‘you decide, you know everything anyway.’

Matheson didn’t like the jab and asked Leon was he was so “pissy” to which Leon responded he wasn’t and he simply gave him an answer. Matheson responded, “a not very good one.”

The fan base has obviously run with this and shared the video repeatedly, causing it to go viral at a time that team certainly doesn’t need the distraction. People are weighing in on both sides, some saying this was a dumb question meant to egg Draisaitl on. Others are saying it was a fair question and one that Leon answered poorly. Some are questioning Draisaitl’s leadership while others are asking why Matheson still has media credentials, especially since this came not long after he told goaltender Mikko Koskinen that all the fans in Edmonton wanted the netminder gone.

At the end of the day, these two will continue to do their jobs, both were likely frustrated and cooler heads will prevail. In the grande scheme of media outbursts, this was fairly tame.

For Oilers fans, the hope is that Draisaitl bounces back with a huge game against the Florida Panthers. Players tend to do this when theyve been called out or realize they brought unnecessary attention to the team.



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