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Draisaitl Gets Engaged! Does That Change His Future With the Oilers?

Congrats to Leon Draisaitl who got engaged this week. Fans are happy for the forward but want to know if it means he’s staying with Oilers.

Congratulations to Leon Draisailt and longtime girlfriend Celeste Desjardins on their engagement. The happy couple agreed to tie the knot this week as the Edmonton Oilers’ forward set up an extravagant scene and popped the question, both sharing the exciting news on their social media pages. As happy as Oiler fans are for the couple, some are wondering what his being engaged means when it comes to his future with the Oilers.

Out-of-market NHL fans took the opportunity to troll Oilers Nation suggesting the writing is on the wall that Draisaitl will want to go. Some were quick to say things like, ‘It’s the only ring he’ll ever get,’ or ‘Hope she likes Edmonton’. And, while the Oilers have a painful history of married players leaving the city because of rumors connected to their spouses wanting out, Leon’s situation might be drastically different.

Whereas players like Chris Pronger and Wayne Gretzky were said to have left Edmonton, in part, because of their relationships, it’s Draisaitl’s relationship (among other things) that might keep him with the orange and blue.

Draisaitl’s Engagement Might Improve Odds He Signs with Oilers

One thing that is key to remember in all of this is that his fiance is a Canadian actress. She’s also extremely close with Lauren Kyle (Connor McDavid‘s soon-to-be wife). Draisaitl and McDavid are already best buddies and the two are now engaged and likely to be hosting weddings within a year of one another. By no means does this guarantee anyone stays in Edmonton, but both McDavid and Draisaitl would be making huge decisions for themselves and their future wives should they choose to split up such a close-knit group.

Leon Draisaitl Edmonton Oilers forward looking to break out offensively in the Stanley Cup Final

The thought that Leon and Connor might be OK playing apart is only made more complicated when loved ones are involved. In Edmonton, both McDavid and Draisaitl stay together, get the money they want, and have a chance to compete for a Stanley Cup, but their significant others can stay close and be a part of that ride. Conversations no longer involve just two people. They involve four, and eventually others as it won’t be long before the couples are having kids and choosing where to raise them.

These are two players ready to settle down, thus moving around and testing the free agency waters might not be the ideal situation for either player. Both know what they’ve got in Edmonton. That matters.

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