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CM Punk Backstage at All In Press Conference?

Rumors are CM Punk was backstage at the All In wrestling press conference. Could an appearance by Punk at the biggest indie wrestling show ever produced be possible?

The largest independent wrestling show ever produced might have gotten a lot more publicity with the news that former WWE pro wrestler and current UFC fighter, CM Punk was backstage ad the All In press conference. There have been whispers that he might be part of the show in September 2018, but nothing has been confirmed by Punk, All In or Cody Rhodes who is organizing the event. Jenn Sterger — who hosted the conference — said that Punk was getting everyone excited when he was spotted backstage and she discussed the news during an interview on the latest Collider Bodyslam podcast.

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Sterger said, “If you got your tickets at face value for this event, I’m just saying it literally might be the best in the world. I will only say someone wearing sweatpants and training for something walked into the back of the building that the press conference was in — with marks, mind you, lining the entire sidewalks in the front of the building — and I just kept thinking ‘if they knew you were back here, they would literally tear down the front of the store.’”

Sterger suggested Punk was not there to be part of the press conference and was only on scene to pick up shirts from Pro Wrestling Tees, but it can’t be a coincidence that he would choose that time and that place to show up. His rumored appearance alone is enough to set the Internet wrestling world into overdrive.

Punk has already made news that he might be a surprise part of the All In show. He’ll be part of a meet and greet signing in Chicago the night before the event. People have run rampant with the idea that he might show up and wrestle, all the while, sticking it to Vince McMahon and the WWE by being a part of a huge wrestling show that has nothing to do with them. Punk is scheduled to fight again for UFC in June and it may be his last MMA bout should he lose. That would make a return to wrestling one of his likely options.

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