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Blues GM Considers Major Changes; Binnington’s Future Uncertain

The St. Louis Blues might consider offseason changes, including the potential move of goaltender Jordan Binnington whose future is uncertain.

Is Jordan Binnington‘s act, accompanied by his value on the trade market the kind of combination that will see the St. Louis Blues try to move him this summer? One insider believes that could be the case as Elliotte Friedman addressed trade speculation in his latest episode of the 32 Thoughts podcast. At the very least, Friedman believes Binnington’s future with the Blues is uncertain.

Friedman’s recent remarks on the 32 Thoughts Podcast have sparked speculation about potential upheaval within the St. Louis Blues organization. He suggests that General Manager Doug Armstrong is contemplating significant roster changes, hinting at a forthcoming overhaul of the roster. One key consideration is the future of goaltender Jordan Binnington, whose contractual situation may prompt his departure from St. Louis.

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Despite Binnington’s notable contributions to the team, Friedman notes that trading him could be part of the Blues’ rebuilding strategy. Binnington’s contractual clauses, including a partial no-trade clause, add complexity to any potential trade discussions. However, his departure could yield valuable assets for the team’s future, particularly in acquiring high-end prospects.

The Blues’ goaltending depth, highlighted by promising young goalie Joel Hofer, adds another layer to the decision-making process. While Binnington’s departure may unsettle some fans, it could align with the team’s long-term objectives.

Binnington Continues to Gain Detractors

In a recent game against the Anaheim Ducks, tensions flared as Binnington engaged in a skirmish with Ducks’ forward Ross Johnston. The altercation stemmed from earlier incidents, including a slash by Johnston on Binnington during the first period. Binnington’s response demonstrates his competitiveness and willingness to protect his teammates. It also proves he’s still a hothead. While he’s got value for his goaltending skills, his temper is not something every team will line up to acquire. Should his numbers drop, the Blues might have a harder time moving him. It might be best to get ahead of any downturn in market value by moving him sooner rather than later.

Amidst uncertainty surrounding Binnington’s future and potential roster changes, the Blues face crucial decisions that could shape their franchise trajectory. There’s often a lot of talk surrounding Armstrong’s teams. He doesn’t always pull the trigger on moves, but he’s not afraid to.

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