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At Least Two NHL Players Being Tested For The COVID-19 Virus

There is an expectation that NHL players will be found to have contracted the Coronvirus (COVID-19). At least two players are believed to have potentially caught the infection.

There is an expectation that NHL players will be found to have contracted the Coronvirus (COVID-19). That’s the reality of not knowing how widespread the virus is or isn’t.

After two Utah Jazz NBA players were found to have been infected by the virus, the NHL noted they assume players in the NHL will have it as well. How many is the real question.

The NHL, among a number of other sports leagues have shut things down. They aren’t taking chances, arenas have gone dark and players have been told to go home and quarantine themselves. For now, there are at least two reports of players who are being tested for the virus.

Earlier today a report by TSN journalist Rick Dhaliwal, indicated that Arizona Coyotes forward Aaron Ness may be the first NHL player to have contracted the coronavirus.

After that, it was believe Alexander Radulov from the Dallas Stars is being tested as he’s shown symptoms of the infection. Matthew DeFranks of the Dallas News is being tested with a COVID-19 kit.

And of course, if either of these players test positive, it will then become important for their teammates, coaches and equipment staff, along with players who might have played against them to get tested as well.

As has been talked about all day on sports networks and there are initial numbers coming out of Ohio that as many as 100,000 citizens could have the virus. This is just the beginning of what will likely be players who are believed to (or are being tested for) have caught the virus.

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