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Senators to Make a Trade, Clearing Cap Room to Sign Shane Pinto

With the signing of Vladimir Tarasenko, the Ottawa Senators are creeping close to the salary cap ceiling. A trade seems likely.

Following the Ottawa Senators’ signing of Vladimir Tarasenko to a one-year, $5 million contract, The Athletic’s Ian Mendes raises the question of how the team will manage its salary-cap situation. Currently, they are pushing against the $83.5 million cap, and they still need to re-sign restricted free agent Shane Pinto.

After signing Tarasenko the Senators have a projected cap hit of $83,467,380 and with about $32,620 in space and 19 players signed (11F/7D/1G/2IR). Needless to say, something has to give. It’s an interesting conundrum and it’s a welcome problem to have when a team has too many good players but if the Senators aren’t sure who to move, it creates a bit of an issue.

Mendes predicts that Pinto’s salary demand will likely exceed the Senators’ remaining cap space of $900K. Consequently, they will have to make a move to create some breathing room. However, finding logical trade candidates proves to be a challenge, as the team is reluctant to part with core players. The Senators will have to explore their options carefully to strike a balance between financial flexibility and team stability.

Anticipations are high for Pinto to take charge of the third-line center position, where he may find himself flanked by a combination of skilled wingers like Tarasenko, Drake Batherson, Dominik Kubalik, or Mathieu Joseph. The addition of Tarasenko to the roster has undoubtedly elevated the Senators’ wing talent, bolstering their offensive capabilities.

The Matt Murray Contract Stings Now

That the Senators aren’t getting any help from the Toronto Maple Leafs who are placing Matt Murray on LTIR probably irks the team as Murray has $1.56 million on Ottawa’s current cap that is just sitting there as dead cap space. While Toronto gets full relief from Murray’s LTIR, the Senators remain on the hook for that cap space.

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