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Senators Fall Short vs. Avalanche: Need More Determination

A frustrated Ottawa Senators coach Jacques Martin called out his own team’s play against the Colorado Avalanche. What did he say?

It has to be a tough time for the Ottawa Senators’ interim head coach Jacques Martin. His team has been losing, with only a 3-7-0 record in their last 10 games. They faced a tough defeat against the Colorado Avalanche on home ice last night after they were ahead in the game.

After the game, Martin expressed his disappointment with the team’s effort and commitment on the ice. His team’s effort was disappointing. He noted, “I think we just need a better effort from some people. We need more determination.”

In the video below, you can get the gist of both his discouragement and the depth of his being confounded by his players’ lack of ability to hold a lead. It’s in his face as he responds to the media’s questions.

Martin Didn’t Hold Back His Disappointment

Coach Martin minced no words in his criticism. In his comments to the media, he stated: “Lack of determination, commitment.”

He then pointed out specific instances, like the fourth goal, where the team seemed to lack the necessary determination and commitment to compete with the Avalanche. In his mind, and he’s not wrong, protecting a lead requires heightened urgency and mental resilience. These aspects appear to him to be lacking in the Senators’ performance.

Jacques Martin, interim Senators Head Coach

In the interview, Martin emphasized the importance of building resistance and solid defensive mechanisms to face adversity. He urged his players to draw out their best selves when confronted with challenges instead of faltering under pressure. Because the team is young and growing in their experience, the call for mental fortitude and determination becomes even more crucial.

That’s especially true in situations where the team holds a lead. It’s something his young team needs to learn; but, until they do, there will be some tough nights. This was one of them.

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Can Martin’s Critique Become a Wake-up Call for the Senators?

As the Senators reflect on this loss, Martin’s critique should serve as a wake-up call for a team that needs to reassess its approach in high-stakes moments. The challenge now lies in instilling a sense of urgency and commitment in his young team that can withstand the pressures of competitive play.

Only then can the Senators ensure a more resilient and determined effort in future games. Right now, the team is failing and it’s frustrating.

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