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Oilers Long-Term Deals in the Works for Draisaitl, McDavid, Bouchard

The Edmonton Oilers have reportedly already spoken with Draisaitl about a long-term deal, with McDavid and Bouchard set to follow.

NHL insider Frank Seravalli of the Daily Faceoff hinted on Friday that the Edmonton Oilers will sign Leon Draisaitl, Connor McDavid, and Evan Bouchard, paying a combined $40 million annually. In conversation with Oilers Now host and color commentator for the Oilers, Bob Stauffer, Draisaitl’s camp is aiming for a long-term contract rather than a shorter deal like Auston Matthews signed in Toronto. Seravalli believes the Oilers have already started discussions with Draisaitl and similar deals with McDavid and Bouchard will follow.

During Friday’s show, Seravalli emphasized that the Oilers are looking to act fast. “The Oilers need to make hay right now because they’ve got McDavid, Draisaitl, and Bouchard only adding up to $25 million. The next iteration of this when everyone is locked up, because to me it’s when but not if…” Stauffer interrupted, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, you’re saying the Oilers are going to get all three of those guys signed.”

“I believe the Oilers have already begun discussions with Draisaitl’s camp,” Seravalli confirmed.

Stauffer added that Draisaitl is looking for a long-term contract and Seravalli projected the trio of Draisaitl, McDavid, and Bouchard would sign for a combined salary of $40 million within two years. Stauffer figured McDavid would come in at $16 million, Draisaitl at $14 million, and Bouchard at $10 million. “If the Oilers are sitting in their office with (hockey boss) Jeff Jackson’s big board that he has up there, I think the numbers are really close to that. The cap is also going to be $100 million then.”

When asked why he’s so confident the Oilers get this done, Seravalli noted, “This is the only place on planet Earth that both of them can play together. Where else are you going to go to play with Connor McDavid? He’s not going anywhere, I don’t think. They’re best friends.”

Draisaitl Has Come To Realize How Good He Has It in Edmonton

Seravalli and Stauffer praised Oilers owner Daryl Katz for his pivotal role in the team’s success and Seravalli says that hasn’t been lost on Draisaitl. Seravalli likened the Oilers to the Green Bay Packers of the NHL, highlighting their financial prowess despite being in a small market.

“Katz stepped up to buy the team… Leon (Draisaitl) said they have the best owner in pro sports,” Seravalli remarked.

McDavid Draisaitl Bouchard Oilers

It’s also well known that Draisaitl and McDavid are extremely close. The idea that another team could afford to pay $30 million to get both players within a year of each other is far-fetched. And, no team would be able to offer the eighth year that the Oilers can.

If Seravalli is right, this removes a lot of the potential future drama that could hit the organization and the fan base. In cities where there might be concern the top stars aren’t going to stick around or will want to test the market and see what’s out there, it sounds like Edmonton’s top three players have no desire to leave.

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