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Did Brady Tkachuk Give the Senators a Bit of an Ultimatum?

Brady Tkachuk is willing to sign a long-term extension with the Ottawa Senators, but there’s something he needs first.

Let it be known, Brady Tkachuk is a huge fan of Ottawa, the Senators organization and everyone involved with that franchise. He’d like to win there and continue on in a Senators jersey for the long haul. At the same time, he’s reportedly informed the organization that if they want to keep him around long-term, he wants to see them putting a winning team on the ice and not rest the team’s success squarely on his shoulders.

According to Shawn Simpson of TSN, Tkachuk has made it clear that he wants to stay but that he needs some assurances he’s not signing up long-term with an organization that has no desire to do what it takes to put a playoff roster together. Simpson writes:

Been asking around on the Tkachuk contract, and nothing new at this point. What was told to me by someone close to the Tkachuk camp, is that Brady loves the crew in Ottawa. But he’s totally waiting to see if ownership is willing to spend what it takes to deliver a Cup team.

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He adds that he’s not sure how that will impact current negotiations between the Senators and Tkachuk. He is currently an RFA and working on a new deal with the team. It may be that he’s already decided to go with a bridge deal, but if he’s open to signing long-term now, it sounds like he wants to see what else the Senators are willing to do this offseason. To date, they’ve done very little in free agency.

Brady Tkachuk Upper Deck Ottawa Senators

Simpson adds, “it was made very clear that he would be all in long term if ownership does the same. At the same time they know the business and won’t be playing any games.”

Will the Senators Start Making Moves?

If this is accurate and the Senators haven’t done much thus far, will they start right away? Could signings or a trade or two be forthcoming to show Tkachuk the team means business?

They were among the busier teams last offseason but have been eerily quiet this summer. Is there a reason? Were they waiting to get the Tkachuk deal done first then work around him? If so, they might have to switch up their game plan a little.

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