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Carey Price’s Wife Reveals Couple Was Preparing to Join Kraken

Carey Price’s wife says the goaltender and his family was prepared to join the Seattle Kraken and thought he might be selected.

Angela Price, the wife of goaltender Carey Price, has spoken about the process of the veteran netminder potentially having to move from the Montreal Canadiens to the Seattle Kraken as part of the NHL Expansion Draft and noted in a recent blog that their family was ready to go, operating under the assumption there was a very good chance Seattle would take Carey.

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Angela spoke of the process behind Carey choosing to keep himself exposed to the Kraken. She notes,:

Coming right off of playoffs, we began to wrap our minds around Carey’s injury and the need for surgery, so the decision was made to leave Carey unprotected during the expansion draft. Really, there was no other option. With the unknown result of Carey’s surgery and recovery time we couldn’t risk losing Jake — the back up goalie.

She didn’t think the Kraken would look twice at Price because of his salary, age and injury situation. But, as the days rolled along and news came out that Seattle was seriously considering Carey Price, she began to monitor social media, specifically Twitter, like a crazed person looking for every possible update she could find. She said, “It definitely got to a point where I thought we were for sure headed to Seattle, so I let myself start mentally preparing for it and even talking about it. Just in case it did happen.”

Carey Price and his wife thought Seattle Kraken might select him

The couple then started to look at Seattle as a decent option. It’s not that they ever wanted to leave Montreal and it hurt when some fans thought Price was looking to move closer to home. But, heck, why wouldn’t we want to go to Seattle?’, she writes.

She even noted at one point Carey’s agent said the family might need to change their flight plans to head to Seattle to be there for the draft party. That’s how close things came.

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