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Brad Marchand’s 6-Month Injury Could Affect Bruins Offseason Plans

Brad Marchand had surgery on both hips and will be out of the lineup for the next six months. What does that mean for the Bruins?

News that Brad Marchand is going to be out six months with an injury is not good news for the Boston Bruins. And, considering the club is already awaiting a decision from Patrice Bergeron, notions that the team might have to play the first two months of next season without Bergeron and Marchand is a frightening thought.

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The Bruins issued the following statement on Friday:

On May 27, Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand underwent successful hip arthroscopy and labral repair on both hips. The procedure was done by Dr. Bryan Kelly at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, NY. Recovery time is approximately six months.

As the team tries to retool its roster — one that is aging — the Bruins will have serious questions to ask. Where do the Bruins get their scoring from if Marchand is out? And, if Bergeron chooses to retire or play elsewhere, where does that leave the team? Yes, the Bruins have David Pastrnak and Taylor Hall, but the team was already lacking depth and having trouble competing in a division that is stacked and challenging every season.

The Bruins have Marchand under contract for three more seasons at $6.125 million per year but if the team feels as though it’s time to revamp their roster, could they consider a trade? It seems unlikely and there would be questions about how many teams might take a chance on a player who will have to rebound from double-hip surgery at the age of 34. If Bergeron retires, all bets are off in Boston where Pastrnak only has one season left before he hits free agency and Jake DeBrusk has asked for a trade.

The Bruins could —in theory—press against the cap and utilize the LTIR relief with Marchand’s injury. If they do, it means Bergeron is back and the team has its eyes on some summer talent they think can improve their chances in 2022-23.

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