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Wayne Gretzky Says He Has Unique Working Relationship with Oilers

Wayne Gretzky might not be on the payroll or listed on the team’s site, but he’s got a working deal with the Edmonton Oilers.

He’s not listed on the team’s executive pages, in either a front office or scouting role, but make no mistake, Wayne Gretzky still works with the Edmonton Oilers. While also an analyst on TNT, Gretzky confirmed that he’s still heavily involved in the Oilers’ organization and a trusted advisor and he’s “working” part-time with the team in a no-stress, on-and-off capacity.

During an interview with Nick Alberga and former NHL’er Jay Rosehill on The Leafs Nation’s Leafs Morning Take podcast, Gretzky said that he’s still involved with the Oilers. He was asked about the kind of role he’d like to play if he were ever to join an organization and try to help them win the Stanley Cup. He explained: That ship has sailed as far as being part of the everyday, day-to-day, 24-hour-a-day job.” But, he noted, he’s still working with Edmonton to help in any way he can.

Wayne Gretzky Ken Holland Oilers relationship
Wayne Gretzky Ken Holland Oilers relationship

Of course, his work isn’t in an official capacity as he’s under contract to do another job, but you can tell in interviews and media appearances that he’s still heavily a part of the Oilers legacy and culture and he’s rooting for them at every opportunity, likely offering guidance, support and probably a few phone calls here are there to pending free agents and star players.

He noted he’s close friends with Darryl and Renee Katz (owner) and said, “I know everybody there including Paul Coffey, the coach, the general manager, Kenny. My brother is an assistant general manager here, so I talk to them a lot about the team.”

He added:

“From an outside point of view, I’m kind of involved but I don’t have to worry about day-to-day… I don’t think I’ll ever get back, but like I said, in a lot of ways I’m still involved with the Oilers and I pull for them and I hope they do well, and that’s the team I root for.”

Gretzky did mention that if he can’t help the Oilers win the Cup, he’s rooting for Toronto because he thinks it would be great to see the Stanley Cup come back to Canada.

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