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Truth Behind Rumors Maple Leafs Are Pursuing Patrick Kane

There are rumors floating around that the Toronto Maple Leafs are aggressively going after Patrick Kane. Is that actually true?

Recent reports have sent shockwaves through the hockey world, suggesting that the Toronto Maple Leafs are potentially open to the idea of trying to acquire forward Patrick Kane as their ideal top-line player. At 34 years old, Kane is showing few signs of slowing down, despite facing health challenges during the previous season while playing for both the Chicago Blackhawks and New York Rangers. He managed to amass an impressive 57 points in 73 games, even while operating at less than 100 percent health. On the surface, if the Maple Leafs had money, Kane might make sense.

That said, reports that TSN’s Dave Poulin said the Maple Leafs are aggressively pursuing Kane are not entirely accurate.

In a recent phone interview with the Associated Press, Kane expressed his excitement about feeling better on the ice and regaining his old form after offseason surgery. This resurgence in his performance has sparked considerable interest among NHL teams. Kane said, “If someone wanted to come and give an offer that I was excited about and a situation that I’m excited about, it’s not like I wouldn’t be listening just because of the situation I’m in.” From there, a few sites have come out and said that the Maple Leafs are going to be aggressive in trying to acquire Kane. Important to note, however, is that Poulin never actually said that.

What Poulin did say was that a healthy Kane should be on the radar of a number of teams. Kane’s quicker-than-expected recovery from surgery should make him an attractive option around the NHL and if the Leafs could get under the cap, he seemed to hint that he didn’t see why Toronto wouldn’t be among the teams intrigued by the idea. Again, he didn’t specifically say that.

Patrick Kane Chicago Blackhawks trade talks
Patrick Kane Chicago Blackhawks trade talks

During an interview on TSN 1050, Poulin said:

“If they can get under the cap and accrue some cap space for players like that, they’d be looking shorter term with him.. now that would be a decision for Patrick Kane, would he want to sign for the remainder of the season to prove he’s healthy or would he want something longer, that will be the question, it’s not about money for him.”

Poulin suggested that reports the Leafs don’t have any money are only partially accurate. Because Brandon Pridham is the man in charge of their cap situation and maneuvering around it (and there’s arguably nobody better at that job in the NHL) the Maple Leafs can always find the room. He didn’t mention these trades specifically, but plenty of space would open up if the Leafs ended up trading players like TJ Brodie or William Nylander to create financial flexibility. For example, moving Nylander would open up a slot on the second line alongside John Tavares. However, GM Brad Treliving has already said his priority is to sign Nylander to an extension.

As the offseason progresses, the hockey world will eagerly await Kane’s decision, and the Toronto Maple Leafs will undoubtedly be one of the teams closely monitoring this intriguing situation. Does that mean they are aggressively pursuing him? No, not even close. At least, that didn’t come from the mouth of Dave Poulin, who is being cited as the source of the rumor.

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