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NHL Rumor: Rangers’ Chris Kreider Now Focus Of Trade Talks

Darren Dreger of TSN is reporting that NHL trade talks have shifted towards Chris Kreider of the New York Rangers.

After a big trade, watchful eyes often ask, ‘Who’s next?’. Only days after Taylor Hall was traded from the New Jersey Devils to the Arizona Coyotes, those same watchful eyes want to know where the focus of trade talks shift now?

Will more Devils be moved? Is there a deal for a goaltender coming? Who will add what?

Darren Dreger of TSN reports via the TSN Insider Trading report that the answer about where most of the focus has shifted in the NHL is towards New York Rangers forward Chris Kreider. Dreger notes he has essentially become the next big fish on the move in the NHL.

Dreger said the the Rangers moving Kreider isn’t necessarily a given but if talks break down on a contract extension, he will likely get the same treatment as Hall and be traded before the NHL Trade Deadline. Dreger explained:

“He’s a pending unrestricted free agent. But given the fact that the Coyotes jumped in early to acquire Taylor Hall, perhaps there’s another team that’s at least considered a playoff contending team that will do the same with Chris Kreider.”

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What’s the Trade Return for Kreider?

No team will have to give up as much as the Coyotes did to get Hall if they’re interested in Kreider. In fact, Dreger isn’t sure a team’s first-rounder would even be in play.

At best, speculation is that it “would likely be a first-round draft pick and a mid-level prospect.” Could teams that struck out on Hall (St. Louis, Florida, Edmonton, and Colorado) sniff out this situation? Or, will another team come swooping in now that the market has been set for rentals?

Remember, the Hall trade happened early which changed the return.

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