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NHL Insiders Making Trade Link Between Oilers and Marc-Andre Fleury

The Edmonton Oilers need a legit starting goalie for the playoffs and Marc-Andre Fleury might be moved by the Blackhawks. A link makes sense.

The saying often goes, ‘where there’s smoke, there’s fire.’ Perhaps that’s applicable when it comes to the talk surrounding the Edmonton Oilers and goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury. A goaltender who is not having a stellar year because his team is so bad and a franchise that has gotten off to a fantastic start but could use a Vezina Trophy-winning goaltender seems like the perfect fit.

At this point, too many insiders are making the link not to think there won’t be a discussion at some point.

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Chris Johnston is the latest NHL insider to connect the Oilers to Fleury in trade rumors. He said “I’m not saying it’s done”, but he noted that the Oilers need a left-shot defenseman and a goaltender and he said during his latest podcast, “I think it’s reasonable to link Marc-Andre Fleury to Edmonton.” He adds, “I think that they understand what this season means. I see them trading for a D before the deadline and I see them getting another goaltender and that goaltender might be the reigning Vezina Trophy winner.”

Marc-Andre Fleury link to Edmonton Oilers in trade talks

Johnston said the Oilers aren’t the only team that could use a goalie and has a chance to be competitive, but he wonders if Fleury would like the idea of playing for a team that looks as good as the Oilers do this season and really just need a legitimate playoff goalie to put them over the top.

Friedman Also Suggesting Fleury Could be Traded

Elliotte Friedman also made the link during his 32 Thoughts Podcast this week and when asked by Jeff Marke what the Blackhawks might do this season and if the rebuild should be over, Friedman said there were a few names on that team that made for natural trade assets. Fleury was at the top of the list.

Marek suggested the Blackhawks’ fan base would be open to some massive changes to reset the brand for that team and that included roster changes. Friedman suggested the Fleury move was only logical considering his contract situation and how badly the season has gone in all respects for Chicago.

Friedman didn’t note that Fleury was a natural link to the Oilers during this latest podcast, but he has hinted on the Oilers Now show with Bob Stauffer that the possibility might be there.

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