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McDavid Drops Big Hint About Goaltending Plans for Oilers

What do the Edmonton Oilers plan to do about their goaltending at the NHL Trade Deadline? Connor McDavid might have hinted at the plans.

Connor McDavid certainly isn’t the GM of the Edmonton Oilers, but he plays a big role in what the team elects to do with most of their bigger transactions. If he says something about the team, you can bet it’s either because he believes in what he’s saying, or he’s heard it on good authority that something is happening behind the scenes. With that in mind, he may have dropped a big hint when it comes to the Oilers’ goaltending plans at this season’s trade deadline.

Edmonton is a team that is rumored to be looking at possible goalie options. Marc-Andre Fleury, Jake Allen, John Gibson, and others have all been loosely linked to the Oilers at some point or another this season. But, as Stuart Skinner has been fantastic, and Calvin Pickard has been effective as a backup, the pressing need to add a goalie has decreased.

Jack Campbell Connor McDavid Edmonton Oilers

As per a report by Elliotte Friedman, McDavid might have dropped a big clue as to the Oilers’ deadline plans. He writes in his latest 32 Thoughts column:

Small thing, but a big thing from Connor McDavid: during our 32 Thoughts podcast interview, talking about goaltending, he mentioned Stuart Skinner, Calvin Pickard… and Jack Campbell. That did not go unnoticed. Campbell was on a heater at AHL Bakersfield a couple of weeks ago, but, as mentioned, the Oilers were in no rush to mess with what worked. It’s a crazy world. A month ago, the idea of Ilya Samsonov leading Toronto seemed as far-fetched as Tracy Chapman showing up at the Grammys. It’s very possible the Oilers will dabble in the goalie market, but you never know if you’re going to need someone again.

Oilers Sticking With Goaltending They Have?

If McDavid is singing the praises of the three netminders the Oilers have in their system, you can bet there is talk about working with all three and seeing which two are the answer to their questions during the playoffs. It sounds like Campbell will be the first call if and when the Oilers need to go to a different goalie than Skinner or Pickard.

And, in fairness, he may have earned that right. He’s been a soldier since being sent down to the AHL. He’s not complained, he struggled early, but has since bounced back. He has a .935 SVP in his last seven starts in Bakersfield, and GM Ken Holland blames himself for putting Campbell in the net too quickly when he first went down. Holland said, “In hindsight, I think I made a mistake that when I sent him down. Probably should not have had him play right off the bat.”

Is Campbell the solution? The Oilers may never have to find out this season, but if there comes a time that a change needs to be made, it sounds like Campbell will be the guy.

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