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Latest on Blackhawks Trade Deadline Talk: Hagel, Strome, Fleury, de Haan

The Chicago Blackhawks made a huge move on Friday. What else does this team have on the go as a seller heading into the NHL Trade Deadline?

The Chicago Blackhawks are open for business. Having already traded Brandon Hagel for a huge haul from the Tampa Bay Lightning, there are expectations the Blackhawks aren’t finished. A team that is rebuilding over the next couple of seasons, there are a few names to watch coming out of that organization.

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What’s the Latest on Fleury?

The Blackhawks have one of the biggest names available on the market, but there’s talk he’s not prepared to accept a trade. Marc-Andre Fleury is the goaltending prize of free agency but he’s going to be extremely picky about where he winds up, assuming he even accepts a trade out of Chicago. Between chatter he’s not keen to leave the city and understandably not wanting to move his family, the million-dollar question is whether a winner can entice him to reconsider.

Everyone is curious about what Fleury decides to do.

Blackhawks Want a 2nd-Round Pick For de Haan

Frank Seravalli says the Blackhawks are looking for a second-round draft pick for Calvin de Haan and mentions that the Boston Bruins have shown some interest. In terms of the ask, “Teams are hoping that it drops a bit,” says Seravalli.

Blackhawks Hagel Fleury Kubalik
Blackhawks Hagel Fleury Kubalik

de Haan will garner interest and it’s likely he’s traded, but he could be a backup plan for a number of teams that deal could happen later on. Expect Monday’s final hour to provide the storyline for the defenseman.

Why the Blackhawks Traded Hagel

Buzz is that the Blackhawks felt the return for Hagel was too strong to ignore and getting two first-round picks from the Tampa Bay Lightning was what ultimately sealed the deal. One thing Seravalli noted to keep in mind was that Hagel’s team-friendly deal didn’t mean nearly as much to Chicago as it did to Tampa. The Blackhawks aren’t going to be in a position to take advantage of how much he’ll produce at such a great discount, and because the team doesn’t expect to be all that competitive in the next couple of seasons, it made more sense to accept the trade.

Blackhawks Trying to Move Dominik Kubalik

The Blackhawks are actively trying to move forward Dominik Kubalik and the buzz is he’ll not fetch more than a late-round pick. There were rumors Anaheim, Winnipeg and Edmonton are all in the conversation but the key will be his salary and whether or not a team is looking at offering the player his $4 million qualifying offer or trying to swing a different deal with him over a longer-term.

Does a Team Offer Something For Dylan Strome?

One of the players that could have been had for almost nothing a couple of months ago was Dylan Strome. Now that he’s got 16 goals and 32 points in 48 games, the question is, will a team take a stab at him and can he be one of the bigger values at this year’s deadline?

If he stays hot, he has the ability to provide another element for scoring for a team. If he cools off, the club that traded for him will need to make a decision because he’s a pending RFA due a $3.6 million qualifying offer. The ask still isn’t that high, but his current salary of $3 million only works for some teams if Chicago retains a bit of salary.

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