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Edmonton Oilers

“Everything On Table”: Trade and Firing Rumors Surround Oilers

The Oilers struggle continue with a 2-7-1 start; goaltending woes and lackluster performance raising talks of a trade.

According to Mark Spector of Sportsnet, whispers in Edmonton are starting to turn into murmurs and those murmurs could quickly become conversations if the losing keeps happening for the Oilers. After another disappointing loss that saw a frustrated bunch of Oilers players drop a decision 5-2 to the Nashville Predators, “everything is on the table,” writes Spector.

He noted, “A playoff miss is very much in the cards, and as such, everything is on the table in Edmonton. That includes firing head coach Jay Woodcroft, whose non-competitive, lackadaisical team looks exactly like the one that got Dave Tippett fired, and Todd McLellan before him.”

Defensemen were being out-muscled. Goaltenders aren’t doing their part and making important saves. The stars aren’t getting their points, some of them not even getting shots on net. “The mental mistakes that keep costing us over and over again made us chase the game,” said McDavid. “It is just death by a thousand cuts, that is what it feels like. One mistake and it costs us, and another little mistake and it just snowballs. It is tough to chase games.” 

Jack Campbell’s Name Was Specifically Dropped

On Saturday, Jack Campbell allowed five more goals, further highlighting his struggles. Despite a promising training camp in the past, his recent performances suggest a stark contrast and whatever game he might have found, it appears he’s lost it again.

Oilers Jack Campbell win vs Predators
Oilers Jack Campbell win vs Predators

Spector noted, that although no player has explicitly stated it, there’s a prevailing sense among the organizations and important people watching that Campbell might no longer be a viable option for any NHL team. The optimism from his solid training camp days has significantly faded, and the players seem to have resigned themselves to the reality that Campbell might not be the solution they need anymore.

That’s not good and a buyout may be the only option if the Oilers choose to move on but can’t find a trade partner.

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