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8 Questionable Things Scarlett Johansson Has Done (8 Reasons Why Fans Love Her)

No moviegoer will dispute that Hollywood sex symbol and highest-grossing actress of all time, Scarlett Johansson, is beautiful and talented on-screen. Scarjo has also received many accolades and wide acclaim during her twenty-four-year film career. But despite her commercial success, Johansson often makes risky decisions in her personal and professional life that at best are questionable and often controversial.

The star of a number of films and the focus of many modeling campaigns, she’s also been a very talked-about star in terms of her relationships, off-screen habits and political opinions. Some will love her for them while others believe that she should stick to acting and playing characters like Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Here are a few ways she’s both loved by fans and one of the more potentially controversial celebrities in Hollywood.

1. Tattoos

Johansson’s visible tattoos are often on display on the red carpet but must be painstakingly concealed by makeup artists while filming, where wardrobe alone won’t cover them. Though the art of tattooing is globally popular, why do movie stars who often show so much skin continue to get inked?

In particular, Scarlett has time and again chosen designs that are neither beautiful nor creative, such as her “Lucky You” horseshoe design by French graffiti & tattoo artist Fuzi Uvtpk, who visited the actress during her last trip to Paris. Johansson also sports a self-designed sunrise over water, faded on her left inner forearm; a black beaded bracelet with “I [heart] NY” pendant on her left wrist, which first appeared on the Avengers red carpet in 2002; on her right inner-ankle, a pair of interlocking circles with the mysterious initial ‘A’; and lastly, a scene with a large black-and-white fawn and three roses make backpieces. Scarlett’s ink addiction is adding up, and becoming increasingly time-consuming to erase on-screen.

Fortunately, with airbrushing readily available (on photo shoots, at least), ScarJo’s creamy porcelain skin becomes once again flawless. Whether on her skin or onscreen, Johansson is always an evolving work of art.

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