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Would You Rather: 2 Deadline Blockbuster Trade Options for Oilers

An NHL insider looked at possible returns for two deadline wingers the Oilers are linked to. Which deadline blockbuster is a better fit?

The Edmonton Oilers find themselves at the center of trade rumors as the NHL Trade Deadline approaches, with two notable names circulating in discussions. Both players are not officially on the market, but it is believed both may be on the move over the next two weeks. If they are, and Edmonton is interested, both would be considered blockbuster deals. The window of uncertainty opens up possibilities for the Oilers to strategically determine who might be the better fit. The potential deals involve Jordan Eberle from the Seattle Kraken and Jake Guentzel from the Pittsburgh Penguins, each offering a unique dynamic to Edmonton’s roster.

Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff took a closer look at both players. He has Edmonton chasing Eberle, but he also offered up a detailed look at what the cost for Guentzel might be. Other insiders have labeled Guentzel as Edmonton’s top target.

Oilers Jake Guentzel or Jordan Eberle trade: which helps the team more?

Eberle’s Return to Edmonton

In a nostalgic twist, the proposed deal envisions Jordan Eberle making a return to the Oilers, with the Seattle Kraken retaining 75% of his salary. The speculated trade includes sending a 2024 1st Rd Pick and Raphael Lavoie (with 50% retained) to Seattle, while the Oilers send a 2025 4th Rd Pick and Mattias Janmark to the Chicago Blackhawks (to make cap hits work).

Eberle, now 33, brings more than just sentimentality to the Oilers. Still a productive player, he tallied 20 goals and 63 points last season and remains on track for a solid performance this year. Eberle’s right-shooting, top-six forward style aligns with what the Oilers are seeking, particularly in a player who is pass-first to complement stars like Leon Draisaitl. The market suggests Eberle could be a more cost-effective acquisition than Guentzel, offering playoff experience and debunking previous notions about his clutch performance.

This would be the more romantic of the two trades, bringing a former Oilers star back into the fold. It also offers better odds of potentially re-signing the player. Eberle would be productive, but he wouldn’t necessarily be as productive as Guentzel.

Guentzel’s Potential Arrival in Edmonton

Another trade scenario involves Jake Guentzel from the Pittsburgh Penguins, with Edmonton showing significant interest. The proposed deal by Seravalli envisions Guentzel (50% retained) and goaltender Alex Nedeljkovic going to Colorado. It’s not clear the Oilers would be looking for a goaltender now, but that could depend on what happens over the next few weeks with Calvin Pickard and Jack Campbell. In that prospered trade, the Penguins receive a substantial package comprising a 2024 1st Rd Pick, 2025 1st Rd Pick, and a 2025 3rd Rd Pick.

Guentzel, an elite scoring winger with versatility on either side of the ice, could provide a substantial boost to the Oilers’ offensive capabilities. He’s arguably the one piece Edmonton knows would be a difference-maker in their forward group. He’s expensive, but the return would be there for a playoff push.

The Penguins might be tempted to part ways with Guentzel for a compelling offer. Still, the proposed deals remain speculative. Guentzel would purely be a rental. He’s going to command more than $9 million per season on his next deal and the Oilers can’t and shouldn’t go there on an extension. This is a short-term move, but maybe the most impactful one the Oilers can make.

Which of the 2 Deadline Trades Would Better Suit the Oilers?

As the trade deadline approaches, the team’s pursuit of skilled players to enhance their playoff prospects remains a focal point. Whether these ambitious proposals materialize or if the Oilers explore more traditional avenues, the anticipation surrounding Edmonton’s moves is palpable in the lead-up to the deadline.

Which deal is a better fit for Edmonton? Do you spend a little less on Eberle and bring back a productive winger that should contribute? Or, do you go big and add a forward that has the potential to lead your team in goals during the playoffs?

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  3. Cody Anderson

    February 14, 2024 at 5:39 pm

    Of the 2 players I would take Guentzel over Eberle, but I would have no interest in either at that cost. I would much rather entertain a Kostkin deal with 1 million retained. I would assume that would cost you a 2nd.

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