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Oilers Said Be Eyeing Trade Deadline Home Run Deal

The Edmonton Oilers are looking at a few deals ahead of the deadline. One insider believes the team is looking at a couple home run trades.

The Edmonton Oilers are using the next three weeks to take stock of the trade market and eye a potential deal, maybe two. And, according to Elliotte Friedman, the Oilers are looking at more than just small moves, they’re considering massive trade deadline deals too. Speaking on Oilers Now, Friedman noted, “I think you guys are trying to hit at least one home run and the question is: What do you decide that that home run is going to be?”

He added:

“I think you guys are looking at everything. I think you guys are looking at who is available, what the different tiers (of players) are, who might have to go out to make it work, who comes back in. I think you’re doing all of this stuff.”

From top-tier players to depth options and auxiliary pieces with Stanley Cup pedigree, the Oilers are leaving no stone unturned.

Ken Holland Edmonton Oilers trade deadline

The Oilers find themselves in a favorable position in the playoff race, which has changed their position heading into the deadline. No longer in a spot where they need to make a deal, GM Ken Holland is looking at ideal trades that will put the Oilers over the top. He’s not stuck feeling as though he needs to make a desperate move. That happened when the coach was changed. It worked. Now, he can take a measured approach to assess their various needs, according to Friedman.

What are the Oilers Looking For at the Deadline?

While Edmonton may be interested in acquiring more than one player, there is now ample time to carefully consider the costs involved. Friedman suggests that Jake Guentzel of the Pittsburgh Penguins is likely the top-rated player on Edmonton’s list of available options. But, he was potentially injured in a game on Wednesday night. Whatever updates come out of that could change their stance on the player.

Guentzel would cost significant assets so that deal needs to be made with great caution.

Beyond Guentzel, the Oilers will explore alternative options. Sean Walker has been mentioned, but the Philadelphia Flyers may up the price of acquiring him now that Rasmus Ristolainen is off the trade table. There’s been talk about Jordan Eberle, but also news that Seattle might be considering an extension for the forward.

Friedman highlights the team’s financial constraint, mentioning that any substantial contract incoming must be balanced by an equivalent cap hit going out. The home run Friedman may be speaking about, could have as much to do with relieving the Oilers or some cap responsibility as it does adding an impact player.

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