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Why Tyler Bertuzzi Choose the Maple Leafs: I Want to Win the Cup

Tyler Bertuzzi came to the Toronto Maple Leafs this week? Why did he make the move if only for a year? What’s his goal?

In a signing driven by the desire to compete for a Stanley Cup Championship, Tyler Bertuzzi joined the Toronto Maple Leafs on a one-year deal. The forward, who has not really spent much time with winning teams in Detroit over his career, got a taste of winning when he was with the Boston Bruins at the end of last season.

Now he wants more.

He’s excited about his new team’s prospects and about the chance to play alongside new acquisitions Ryan Reaves and Max Domi. He noted that, for him, Toronto was a prime destination both because it was just “down the road” from Sudbury and also because it gives him a great chance to win this season.

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A Homecoming and Team Upgrades

In the very short video below, you can hear Bertuzzi talking about his reasons for signing on with the Maple Leafs. First, he notes that it does hold a special significance because it is closer to his hometown of Sudbury and to his family and friends. That’s motivating for him.

Second, he looks forward to playing with his new team’s recent acquisitions. That includes Ryan Reaves and Max Domi. He believes they bolster the roster, creating an environment of excitement and camaraderie.

Bertuzzi specifically recognized the positive impact Reaves would have on the team’s dynamic, making their collective effort on the ice much smoother. He appreciates the big guy’s physicality.

A One-Year Opportunity

Bertuzzi’s decision to sign a one-year deal reflects both the economic conditions imposed by the flat cap and his eagerness to experience a season with the Maple Leafs. He knows the flat salary cap created limitations across the NHL. And that led Bertuzzi to carefully assess his options. Ultimately, he sought a team he believed had a great chance to win.

Tyler Bertuzzi formerly of the Detroit Red Wings

That’s why Toronto emerged as his ideal destination. Having previously tasted the excitement of playoff hockey during his time with Boston, Bertuzzi wanted another chance to compete for the Cup.

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A Quest for Victory

As Bertuzzi noted, his main goal is to contribute to a winning team. He believes the Maple Leafs give him the best chance to achieve his goal. The Maple Leafs’ commitment to creating a competitive roster met Bertuzzi’s own goals. He’s determined to make a significant contribution to the Maple Leafs’ journey toward that goal.

The Bottom Line

Bertuzzi joined the Maple Leafs on a one-year deal for two reasons. But the biggest one is that he wants to win a championship. He’s excited about that chance and looks forward to the team that was there already and that has been constructed early in this offseason.

Will Bertuzzi stay longer than his one-year commitment? Who knows? That’s a question for another time – perhaps after the season is in the books.

What we do know as Maple Leafs’ fans is that this young player is hungry to win and wants to be a part of a Stanley Cup championship. We’ll see if Bertuzzi can play a vital role in the Maple Leafs’ success in that quest.

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  1. gfinale

    July 5, 2023 at 2:30 am

    Bertuzzi would know better than anyone what it’s like to play for a team that wins huge in the regular season but fails badly in the playoffs! He must have been sold a much different version of the Leafs by Treliving than what we’ve had to endure the past 7-8 years. I somehow doubt he would have considered the Leafs if Dubas was still around. Hopefully Treliving continues to attract more real winners.

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  3. Afp1961

    July 5, 2023 at 10:16 am

    Jim – it’s a good sign that guys like Bertuzzi and Domi want to come to Toronto on value deals. That speaks volumes of what players think of the squad and organization. You can even perhaps add Klingberg to this group as he could have gone elsewhere for more.

    Reaves was a slight overpayment because they wanted his toughness. In order to get that they had to give the 3rd yr as he had multiple offers for 2 yrs.

    Treliving is (finally) bringing a different look and type of player. The attraction will definitely be different that those who would have come under the Dufas era. About time and hope more come. I heard they took a run at Dumba but cap is constraining for the time being.

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