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Red Wings Rumor About Patrick Kane Trade Debunked… For Now

One theory argues that Detroit and Patrick Kane have discussed a possible trade. Is that Red Wings rumor true or is trade talk off base?

Don’t move so quickly when it comes to trying to predict a landing spot for Patrick Kane at this season’s NHL Trade Deadline. Dispelling recent speculations, David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period has addressed rumors surrounding the potential trade at the upcoming deadline. Pagnotta firmly asserted that he would be surprised if Kane were to be moved, indicating a strong commitment to the Detroit Red Wings beyond the current season.

This doesn’t mean Kane won’t be traded. It simply means, if he is traded, it’s likely because the Red Wings initiated the conversation. Kane wants to stay and the Red Wings are still figuring things out.

Patrick Kane Alex DeBrincat Red Wings

Kane, initially seeking a multi-year contract, eventually opted for a one-year deal with the Red Wings. This decision has fueled beliefs that Kane and the Red Wings have had conversations about him potentially being moved. While he is dedicated to his role with the team and posting strong numbers since his return, it’s not clear what the Red Wings believe is the right long-term play. They need more time.

His future in Detroit might depend on their chances as a possible playoff contender, not just this season, but in the next few. The Red Wings are two points out of a Wild Card spot in the east. This could go down to the wire.

Pagnotta Doesn’t Believe Kane Wants to Leave The Red Wings

Contrary to reports suggesting trade discussions between the Red Wings and Kane, Pagnotta clarified that such negotiations were not part of Kane’s intentions during contract talks. The veteran forward had initially aimed for a longer commitment, expressing a mindset leaning towards a three-year agreement. When that didn’t happen, he was open to possibilities for down the road.

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Pagnotta noted, “He certainly knows he has options but those options were going to be similar to what he had last season as well. So I think from Detroit’s perspective, another team wait and see where they’re at.” It is important to remember that Detroit’s focus remains on evaluating their position before making decisions regarding potential extensions or trade scenarios. They weren’t about to lock in to a long-term deal with Kane if he wasn’t going to be productive. Now, they’re potentially hesitant to lock in if the team around him isn’t good enough. It’s far too early into the season to know that right now.

Multiple Moves at Play Between Red Wings and Patrick Kane

The Red Wings, seeking flexibility and options, might have strategically aimed for potential trades at the deadline. If they choose not to retain Kane, they might sell high as his impressive performance increases his trade value.

At the same time, if the Red Wings can get going here and become a playoff tea, a potential extension with Kane is possible. That could lead to other trades. Pagnotta suggests someone like Shayne Gostisbehere or even David Perron could be on the trade block.

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