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Insider Has Painful Prediction About Campbell’s Future with Oilers

NHL insider Pierre LeBrun looked at the Edmonton Oilers season, talked a possible Jack Campbell trade and Leon Draisaitl’s upcoming contract.

When asked about the future of goaltender Jack Campbell in Edmonton, general manager Ken Holland said, “I’ll watch Jack Campbell, I’ll work the phones, I’ll watch our team and ultimately between now and the trade deadline, make some decisions with our staff as to what we think we need to do.” Happy with his current tandem of Stuart Skinner and Calvin Pickard, a decision needs to be made regarding Campbell. Is he part of this season? Or, is he not?

Pierre LeBrun noted in a recent article for the Athletic, he thinks the Oilers will attempt to bring in a veteran type to be 1B to Skinner or a more traditional backup. While he acknowledges Pickard has done an admirable job, LeBrun thinks a goalie trade is possible. At the same time, he doesn’t believe Holland will ultimately move Campbell this season. That’s not great news for Edmonton considering how it complicates the NHL Trade Deadline.

LeBrun explains:

And this is me, not Holland, but I don’t see any likely scenario in which Edmonton moves Campbell’s contract before the March 8 trade deadline. It would probably cost two first-round picks to get a team to eat a deal that has three more years at a $5 million cap hit. That situation is going to have to wait until the summer, whether that’s a buyout or not. I just don’t see the Oilers dealing with that this season.”

And, if the Oilers can’t move Campbell’s contract in the summer, things get even trickier. Not only does the goaltender affect what Holland may or may not do over the next couple of months, but money is tight moving forward.

Will the Oilers Be Buyers This Season? What Does the Future Look Like?

What ultimately happens with Campbell could affect the trade deadline plans and future negotiations for Edmonton. Now in a playoff wildcard spot and five games over .500, the team is looking to keep rolling and move up the standings. As of March 8, if the Oilers currently find themselves in a favorable position and their positive momentum persists, it’s evident that the team aspires to be active in the buyer mode.

Leon Draisaitl and Jack Campbell of the Edmonton Oilers

LeBrun points out that the stakes are high as they gear up for another opportunity to make a significant run in the Western Conference. Beyond that, there are also some contracts that need taking care of, none less important than Leon Draisaitl. Draisaitl will come into this offseason with a single year remaining on his current deal. Based on what William Nylander just got from the Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton will need to leave room and be ready to up Draisaitl’s deal by at least $3-$4 million per season.

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