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Penguins Won’t Deal Pettersson as Part of Any Erik Karlsson Trade

The Pittsburgh Penguins have made it clear that Marcus Pettersson is off the table in any trade.

Amidst trade discussions surrounding defenseman Erik Karlsson, reports surfaced regarding potential players involved. Speculation suggested that the Carolina Hurricanes’ Brett Pesce and the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Marcus Pettersson could be included to address salary cap implications, with San Jose not necessarily being the ultimate destination.

However, the Penguins have now made it clear that any deal involving Pettersson is off the table. Again, we repeat, the Penguins have made it known that Marcus Pettersson will not be part of any potential trade, as he holds immense value to the Penguins’ defensive lineup. This report comes via Jesse Marshall of The Athletic, who notes that Dubas himself says he intends to hang onto the 27-year-old blueliner.

Despite the possibility of needing a backup plan if a trade falls through, the Penguins continue their active pursuit of Karlsson. They’re just not willing to get a certain point to make the deal work and Pettersson is apparently a line they’ve drawn.

In the 32 Thoughts podcast hosted by Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek, highlighted the significance of Pettersson for the Penguins. General Manager Kyle Dubas of the Toronto Maple Leafs highly regards Pettersson and considers him vital to the upcoming season. Marshall emphasized Pettersson’s underrated defensive impact and other valuable attributes.

Pettersson has solidified his status as a top-tier defensive defenseman in the league, making him a valuable asset that should not be sacrificed in pursuit of Karlsson. The idea of parting with Pettersson, in my opinion, does not align with the logical course of action. Instead, if a trade were to materialize, other assets, such as Jeff Petry, may be more suitable for inclusion.

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