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Oilers’ Hyman: From Humble Grinder to Productive 50-Goal Scorer

Zach Hyman can score goals, but he doesn’t get too many pretty ones. He’s a grinder. Can he hit the 50-goal mark this season?

After a standout performance in the first part of January, Edmonton Oilers forward Zach Hyman scored all three goals in the team’s 3-1 triumph over the Ottawa Senators. In a post-game interview with Scott Oake, Hyman was asked about his newfound scoring ability. At the time, Hyman humbly downplayed his goal-scoring abilities, emphasizing his knack for finding the net in unconventional ways. As he noted, he wasn’t a natural goal scorer.

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Hyman Doesn’t Think of Himself as a Goal-Scorer Per Se

When asked about his assertion of not being a “natural goal-scorer,” Hyman responded, “I just score in different ways, right? I think I score more like grinders do around the net, finding pucks and, some sparsely prettier ones, I guess. But, you know, it helps when you play with guys like Connor [McDavid], [Ryan] Nugent-Hopkins, and [Leon] Draisaitl. I mean, it’s got a lot of guys who make plays, so I’m very lucky.”

Zach Hyman, hat trick Senators

Hyman has the ability, but he embraces the mindset of a grinder. That hard work of combining grit with skill has been a key factor in his success. His contributions are often not flashy goals. Instead, he focuses on creating opportunities in high-traffic areas and battling for a good position around the net. Hyman’s efforts were evident in the Oilers’ three-goal victory, a testament to his commitment to both offensive and defensive aspects of the game.

Reflecting on the first of his three goals, initially credited to Evan Bouchard, Hyman admitted to potentially feeling the puck hit his stick. However, again Hyman was humble and didn’t contest the official ruling.

“I thought I did [feel it], but we had a game in San Jose where I thought I did too, and I celebrated like it wasn’t me. So I wasn’t sure, but obviously, it did there, so great job by Draisaitl. He just tried to screen.

Hyman’s Grinder Mentality Promises Goals – Just Not Pretty Ones

As the Oilers continue their push for a successful season, Hyman’s grinder mentality and versatile scoring approach make him a valuable asset on a team loaded with offensive firepower. His ability to mesh seamlessly with superstar linemates while embracing the blue-collar aspects of the game showcases the depth and diversity of the Oilers’ offensive arsenal.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice if Hyman – the hard-working grinder – scored 50 goals this season?

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