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Oilers Might Have Another Addition Coming Beyond Corey Perry

According to Bob Stauffer, the Edmonton Oilers might have another addition coming beyond the signing of Corey Perry.

In discussing the addition of Corey Perry to the Edmonton Oilers roster, Bob Stauffer, radio play-by-play host for the Oilers and host of Oilers Now, noted that Perry might not be the only forward addition the team makes. As the NHL Trade Deadline approaches, Perry fills a need for the team, but it sounds like GM Ken Holland would like to do more.

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You can see in the video below as Stauffer slips in the notion that another move might be on the horizon for Edmonton.

Stauffer explained:

“Corey is the player that has great gamesmanship, he has moxie, and he has a breath of experiences unmatched,” Stauffer notes when talking about Perry’s past runs in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Stauffer notes that Perry has played in multiple Stanley Cup Finals and he knows how to play the game right on the edge. He adds:

“…you can make an argument that against Vegas, that further down the lineup with Vegas’s lineup that they had players that could get to a place that maybe Edmonton wasn’t capable of getting to, and now with the addition of Perry, and there might be another edition coming at some point, but Edmonton needed to get bigger and their bottom six and have guys that were capable of playing with an edge and Corey could do that.”

Where Will Perry Help the Oilers and What Else Does Edmonton Need?

Stauffer argues that Perry can potentially playon the second power play unit as a net front so there’s different ways that he can help. The Oilers have added experience and he knows how to play come crunch time. Edmonton won’t need more help on the power play, and their penalty killing has been much-improved, but more size and grit might be something the team is looking for.

Corey Perry chose the Edmonton Oilers and another forward may do the same

Stauffer said there’s a little bit of a reoccurring theme here as the Oilers organization becomes one of the better ones in the league and a more competitive team. He notes, “I had this conversation with guy who used to be a prominent agent in the league and then worked in management, that Edmonton has become a destination and when you have Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, there’s opportunities.” He said that Perry ultimately chose Edmonton and you don’t get chosen if you’re bad team you get chosen because there’s an opportunity to win. Stauffer believes at least one more player will likely do the same.

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