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Oilers Eye Dual Acquisition From Ducks In Trade Deadline Talks

The Edmonton Oilers and Anaheim Ducks are in discussions about a trade that could involve two forwards coming to Oilers at the deadline.

In recent trade discussions, the Edmonton Oilers have engaged with the Anaheim Ducks, exploring the possibility of a deadline deal involving two players, according to reports by Elliotte Friedman. The primary figures of interest are Adam Henrique and Sam Carrick. While the former has been the subject of previous trade rumors, the latter, a depth forward making under $1 million per season, could also be part of the potential package.

Friedman hints at a potential combined move, although uncertainties linger. The Oilers, in their quest for a top-six forward to complement star player Leon Draisaitl, have been considering various options. Henrique emerges as a versatile and productive center, capable of filling the third-line role and providing depth as needed.

Adam Henrique Sam Carrick Ducks trade Oilers

Henrique has acknowledged the trade discussions, recognizing the complexity due to his contract status. The Ducks, looking to enhance their roster with picks and prospects, may consider retaining salary in a deal, aligning with the Oilers’ strategy.

Carrick, while not a prolific scorer, could bring valuable grit and toughness to the Oilers’ forward lineup, as evidenced by his impressive 124 hits in 56 games this season. Priced at a modest $850K on the salary cap, he could be a cost-effective depth addition.

The Oilers are Trying To Fill Multiple Holes in One Deadline Deal

Edmonton, strategically accumulating LTIR cap space, is poised for potential last-minute trade moves, with the March 8 deadline approaching. The dynamics of salary retention and the Ducks’ willingness to facilitate a deal by taking money back could play crucial roles in shaping the outcome of this trade scenario.

It’s clear Edmonton has a couple of needs as this season’s deadline approaches. If they can make one trade that fills a couple of them, that could be the game plan. With the possibility of a significant Oilers-Ducks trade looming just weeks, or even days, before the deadline, it will be fascinating to see if more rumors linking these two teams surface.

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