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Fans Torn Over Mock Guentzel Trade Between Oilers and Penguins

NHL Network suggested a mock trade between the Edmonton Oilers and Pittsburgh Penguins involving Jake Guentzel. Who says no?

The possibility of Jake Guentzel joining the Edmonton Oilers has sparked diverse opinions, with a proposed mock trade scenario in the mix. The Oilers would acquire Guentzel in a move that signals the team’s priority is a win-now, top-six winger. The Penguins would acquire a depth forward, a defense prospect, and a couple of picks. Some argue the need for defensive improvements rather than offensive reinforcements in Edmonton, but there’s no doubt Guentzel would make an impact.

Interestingly, some fans feel the Penguins would be smart to make the move. Others feel the proposed trade heavily favors the Oilers. The deal, as proposed by NHL Network is: Oilers get Jake Guentzel, while the Penguins get Warren Foegele, defense prospect Beau Akey, the Oilers’ 2024 first-round pick, and the Oilers’ 2025 third-round pick.

Oilers fans express concern about giving up too much, emphasizing an already strong top-six and questioning the urgency for Guentzel. Speculation arises about Pittsburgh retaining 50% of Guentzel’s salary, prompting discussions on what Edmonton would need to surrender in return. Some critics highlight the risk of Guentzel being a rental player, potentially leaving after the current season.

However, many Penguins fans believe the proposed trade undervalues Guentzel. While they acknowledge the importance of future prospects and draft picks, some are saying this isn’t enough for a 40-goal scorer. Others added that it’s not the responsibility of the Penguins to lower their ask because Edmonton can’t afford Guentzel beyond him being merely a rental.

Who Would Get the Better End of This Mock Guentzel Trade?

Oilers supporters, however, express reluctance at the suggested price, deeming it excessive for a forward who is likely leaving Pittsburgh anyway. In one response to this Twitter post, a Penguins fan compared it to offering your house listing at a discount just because one prospective buyer can’t afford it. The counter to that was, ‘Could your house up and walk away in three months?’

Jake Guentzel Penguins trade rumors Edmonton Oilers

The debate underscores differing views on the trade’s intrinsic value, with Oilers fans emphasizing the team’s financial constraints.

Sometimes Deadline Trades About More Than Just What Assets are Exchanged

Amid the discourse, it is important to remember that this proposed deal isn’t solely about the player-for-player exchange. It’s about future assets, draft picks, and the unpredictability of Guentzel’s tenure with any acquiring team. The complex nature of trade negotiations, including salary considerations and long-term implications, highlights the intricacies of potential deals in the NHL.

As fans engage in spirited discussions, the proposed trade raises questions about the perceived worth of a rental player and the strategic decisions teams must make in pursuit of roster improvements. In the end, if the Penguins move Guentzel it will be about fetching the best possible return. If it doesn’t come from the Oilers, he’s not likely to be traded there.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ted McDonough

    February 25, 2024 at 4:30 pm

    Rather see Evan Bouchard and a second rounder…

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