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Mikael Backlund Hasn’t Totally Ruled Out Extension With Flames

Mikael Backlund’s future with the Calgary Flames remains uncertain as he expresses openness to different possibilities.

In a recent interview with Expressen (translated into English via Google translate), Mikael Backlund, a veteran player for the Calgary Flames who is rumored to be concerned about sticking with the organization, expressed his willingness to return for the upcoming season. While there have been reports suggesting that Backlund is unlikely to sign another contract with the Flames, his comments indicate that he has not completely ruled out the possibility of staying with the team.

Backlund, who has been with the Flames for 14 seasons, acknowledged the uncertainty surrounding his future at the club. He stated, “I’m ready to come back and play the season, and if it goes great, I might want to extend after the season. If it doesn’t go well, we’ll see what happens.” These remarks come amidst rumors that the organization is considering trading Backlund to avoid losing him as a free agent at the end of the upcoming season.

The Swedish forward emphasized that a lot has happened in the past year, leading him to adopt a wait-and-see approach regarding his future with the Flames. In a previous interview with Expressen in June, Backlund also mentioned that the possibility of becoming the team captain could make staying with the club more appealing to him.

Furthermore, Backlund expressed his confidence in the Flames’ new general manager, Craig Conroy, and coach, Ryan Huska. He praised Huska’s coaching abilities, citing their previous experience together during Backlund’s time in juniors in Kelowna.

Is Backlund More Likely to Stay or Go?

While Backlund’s comments do not provide a definitive answer about his long-term future with the Flames, they indicate that he remains open to different possibilities. Fans will have to wait and see how the upcoming season unfolds and how Backlund’s performance on the ice may influence his decision regarding contract extensions or a potential departure from the organization.

How the Flames do and what they are thinking about heading into the NHL Trade Deadline could be the real tipping point in his decision process.

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