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Latest on Contract Extensions For Red Wings Raymond and Seider

The future of Seider and Raymond’s contract extensions sparks speculation as the Red Wings plan their strategy.

According to Max Bultman of The Athletic, when asked if there might be extensions this summer for either Lucas Raymond or Moritz Seider of the Detroit Red Wings, his response was, “I haven’t heard any rumblings of an imminent extension with either, so we’ll see where it goes. But I agree that Seider is more likely than Raymond.”

Speaking about the benefits of potentially signing both this off-season before the NHL salary cap takes an expected bigger jump, the scribe noted that during recent press conferences, there was no mention of contract extensions for either Seider or Raymond. It seems unlikely as Raymond has the potential to post a breakout season and capitalize on the salary cap jump, while Seider has little left to prove and it going to get a nice payday coming out of his deal regardless.

Moritz Seider Lucas Raymond Red Wings
Moritz Seider Lucas Raymond Red Wings

If Raymond becomes a 60-point player, he’ll be better served negotiating that contract when he’s backed by a standout performance. On the other hand, Seider presents an interesting case, writes Bultman. A standout performance for Seider likely doesn’t change much. From Seider’s standpoint, he has already proven himself as a top-tier defenseman deserving of a significant contract. Unless he has an extraordinary season, akin to a top-10 Norris Trophy performance, it is difficult to envision him significantly enhancing his value. The article speculates on the possibility of Seider earning $8 million or more on the open market.

What is Seider Worth on a New Deal?

While there are no imminent rumors of contract extensions for either player, it remains to be seen how the situation develops. The focus is placed on Seider as the more likely candidate for an extension. Bultman expresses curiosity about whether the Red Wings would consider an eight-year deal rather than a bridge contract. Drawing a comparison to Miro Heiskanen, who signed a long-term contract with the Dallas Stars, the article suggests a range of around $8.7 million as a reasonable figure for Seider’s potential long-term deal, matching Dylan Larkin’s current cap hit.

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