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Kassian Offers Explanation to Cameo Video Joking He’s a Flames Fan

Zack Kassian took to his Instagram account to try and explain a cameo video TSN shared that was taken out of context.

Zack Kassian Gets 2 game Suspension

As Zack Kassian said, “No good deed goes unpunished these days.” The forward is reaching out to fans who have taken him to task for an online video that doesn’t exactly put the winger in the best light.

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While the Cameo video in question is clearly a scripted response from a fan request — typically what these Cameos are — Kassian felt the need to explain his words. In the video, he notes that Matthew Tkachuk’s hit on him from last season was clean and he admired him as a player. He then said Go Flames!

All of this, of course, is in response to last season’s fight between himself after a few questionable hits from Tkachuk eventually lead to an infuriated Kassian grabbing Tkachuk and rag-dolling him around the ice. Kassian was suspended and when he returned to action, the two wound up fighting to end the beef.

Kassian took to Instagram on Friday and explained why he would say nice things about Tkachuk heading into the Oilers vs. Flames Battle of Alberta Friday night.

He wrote:

“Just to be clear, here is the full video from a cameo that was completely taken out of context that TSN posted. As you can see, the video was recorded in December as a Christmas gift for someone’s friend. It was in good fun from an Oilers fan to a Flames fan and read from a script. Looking back, I should have used better judgement and turned down this request.”

Kassian goes on to say that it’s sad that media outlets choose to create 99% of the conflict and that almost all of his cameos have been to wish someone a happy birthday or offer words of encouragement to people trying to get through times or well wishes to someone with an illness.

Just Relax People

There are some on social media calling for the Oilers to get rid of Kassian or punish him for the comments. Those people should probably get a grip.

There’s no harm in what Kassian did and he’s not doing anything to his own team nor is he actually showing true favortism towards the Flames. He’s poking some fun at a situation from last season.

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