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Kassian and Tkachuk Trade Verbal Shots, Kassian Facing Suspension

Zack Kassian and Matthew Tkachuk had words for each other following Saturday’s game and Kassian will be facing a possible suspension by the NHL.

Not typically the type of trades we tend to talk about on this site, it was hard to ignore the traded verbal jabs both Zack Kassian and Matthew Tkachuk took at each other once the Battle Of Alberta was over on the ice Saturday night.

An entertaining hockey game, one that included another beauty goal by Connor McDavid, the game itself was overshadowed by the back-and-forth between Kassian and Tkachuk throughout, eventually leading to a third hit on Kassian that sent him over the edge and infuriated with Tkachuk to the point he grabbed him from behind and began feeding shots to an unwilling dance partner. Kassian called Thachuk’s actions the actions of a pus-y and Thachuk knew his refusal to fight led to a power play and the eventual game-winning goal for the Flames.

The contest ended in a 4-3 Flames win but the fireworks are far from over.

The Flames and Oilers will meet two more times this season (assuming they don’t meet in the playoffs) and those games will have a playoff-like feel. Kassian will certainly be looking to get even with Tkachuk and Tkachuk will be the same old poop-disturber, looking for that edge and the advantage to swing Calgary’s way.

Kassian Has Words For Tkachuk Post-Game

Kassian was not shy about saying he’d do it again when asked for his thoughts on the one-sided fight that cost him a 10-minute misconduct and the Oilers the game. “He’s a young punk … He’s a pus-y.” Zack Kassian said while speaking to reporters in a post-game scrum. He said he loved the battle with Tkachuk and wished the Oilers could play almost immediately like they would if two teams were in the midst of a playoff series. He said he just wishes Thachuk would actually fight once and while.

Saying the last time something similar happened Tkachuk said no because Kassian was a third-liner. Now on the top line with McDavid, Tkachuk can no longer make that argument.

Tkachuk Gets the Last Laugh

Meanwhile, Thachuk was happy to tell Kassian that if he doesn’t want to get hit, he should stay off the tracks. “I caught him three times there – you’d think he’d learn after the first one. If he wants to react that way, we’ll take the PP, we’ll take the game winner and we’ll move on into first place” he said. Adding to the pain of being one of the reasons the Oilers lost the game, it was announced Sunday morning that Kassian would face a suspension from the NHL Player Safety committee for his actions.

Kassian will likely face a minimal suspension or possibly a hefty fine but all we can say is bring on the next game.

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