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Scribe Suggests Oilers’ Turris is Playing Himself Out of the NHL

Kyle Turris is struggling with the Edmonton Oilers this season. Is he struggling to the point he could work his way out of the NHL?

No doubt, Kyle Turris has struggled. Thought to be the third line solution the Edmonton Oilers had been looking for, he’s not done much to move the needle, nor has he really contributed to the Oilers attempts to fight back from an early season slump. While other Oilers are doing their part and the team has found some recent success, one scribe suggests Turris’ season has been so bad, he could be playing himself right out of the NHL.

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Allan Mitchell of The Athletic took a look at Turris’ struggles in 2020-21 and examined a recent move from center to winger as Gaetan Haas has come in and assumed Turris’ role at the pivot position. Turris hasn’t been pulled from the lineup, but being moved to wing is the only option head coach Dave Tippett has left before Turris is potentially pulled, waived and sent to the taxi squad.

There is the intangible of special teams and faceoffs that could help Turris in his quest to keep a spot on the Oilers roster but Mitchell points out that there’s been some key struggles there too. Missed coverages, blown assignments and not being able to make up for it offensively is not a good recipe to earn the coach’s trust. Mitchell writes:

His offensive output (17 games, 1-2-3) is part of the problem, but the real issue is what his line is giving up. Dave Tippett has coached his ass off in turning a 3-6-0 start into a 9-8-0 record in mid-February. It’s unlikely he’ll continue to give out playing time to anyone who isn’t responsible without the puck.

Tom Gazolla recently mentioned that Tippett pulled Turris aside for a long chat during Wednesday’s practice. Clearly, he realizes there are issues. Turris knows it too but has tried to remain positive, saying he finally feels like his legs are moving and he’s starting to feel good after making the transition from Nashville to Edmonton.

The problem is, Turris hasn’t been given the tougher assignments. Mitchell points out that he and his line “are spending more actual time than other Edmonton trios against the weakest opposition” and “bleeding goals against.”; hence the reason Tippett made a change on Wednesday. When compared to all levels of competition, Turris ranks extremely low. Meaning, regardless of where Tippett puts him and who he’s up against, Turris has struggled defensively to shut those players down.

Kyle Turris Edmonton Oilers
Kyle Turris Edmonton Oilers is struggling to keep his spot

What’s the Verdict on Turris?

Mitchell writes, “For whatever reason, Turris’ offence has faltered in Edmonton and the lack of offensive output for his line is a key element in the trio being outscored constantly.” Add to that the lapses in coverage on the defensive end, the experiment to add Turris and call him a third line center is failing.

Haas coming in is the first sign that Turris’ leash is shortening. That Haas looked good in that spot is a great sign for the Oilers, but not a good one for Turris himself. Mitchell notes that from here, if Turris stays a winger, he’ll need to figure out how to up his offensive numbers. That means reinventing himself again, since his first job was to try and become the third line center he might not have been capable of becoming.

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