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[Rumor] Oilers Given Outrageous Ask For Josh Anderson

If the report or rumor is true that the Columbus Blue Jackets have spoken to the Edmonton Oilers about Josh Anderson, Oilers fans can only hope GM Ken Holland isn’t entertaining the asking price.

How much interest there actually is by the Edmonton Oilers in Josh Anderson is unclear. That said, if the reports are true and what Bob Stauffer (host of Oilers Now on 630 Ched) said is true, the ask coming from the Columbus Blue Jackets for Anderson is insane!

A report suggests, that according to Bob Stauffer, the estimated ask for Columbus’ Josh Anderson from the Oilers would be Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and a first round pick and one of Philip Broberg or Evan Bouchard.

What? That can’t be right… And, in fact, it wasn’t.

Later, there was clarification that Stauffer meant to relay that Columbus would want “Nuge *OR* Broberg/Bouchard + a 1st”. Meaning, either Columbus wants Nugent-Hopkins back for a forward who struggled early in the season and is now out injured, or they want a first-round pick plus one of Edmonton’s best defensive prospects.

I know I’m a fan of the Oilers and maybe this is going to come across as biased, but on what planet is that a fair trade? Oilers fans can only pray this was Stauffer spitballing a possible deal, not a conversation between the Oilres and Blue Jackets that has worked its way down the wire.

Nugent-Hopkins for Anderson

In one scenario, the Blue Jackets want a two-way center who on most teams would be in their top-six but often isn’t in Edmonton because they employ Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. He scored 69 points last season and has 28 points in 40 games for the Oilers this season.

Compared to Anderson who is coming off a 47-point season, (his highest prior was 30 in 63 games) has struggled and is a winger versus a center and Jarmo Kekalainen must be smoking something if he believes the Oilers would go for that.

The only plus to this deal from an Edmonton perspective is that Anderson is approaching restricted free agency and coming off a contract that sees him make $1.85 million. This would be a big savings for the Oilers on their cap. I suppose, it’s unfair to ignore that fact.

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Broberg or Bouchard For Anderson

In a completley different type of trade, Columbus is willing to take one of Edmonton’s top-end blue line prospects in exchange. Oh, and a first-round pick.

First of all, Anderson isn’t even worth a first-rounder the way his season has gone thus far. To think the Oilers would add one of their future puck-movers who they are essentially hoping to build their blue line around is a whacky notion.

If you’re going to argue the Oilers would have seasons of control for Anderson, you’d be right. But, they have multiple seasons of control for either of these two players, both of whom are among the most highly-projected of prospects in Edmonton’s system.

I suppose it was worth asking… but c’mon.

Anderson to Edmonton Is Not Happening

If this is the ask from Columbus, consider this type of deal dead in the water. One shouldn’t even imagine GM Ken Holland finishing the conversation.

As Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal tweeted, “There is no chance oilers give up even half of that for Anderson who is having crappy year.”

Social media has gone bonkers over this rumor and, rightfully so. There is a lot of good in Anderson’s game but these two offers/asks from the Blue Jackets are beyond what any reasonable GM would consider.

And, if you’re an Anderson fan (I am by the way) saying it’s not fair to judge the optics of this offer on Anderson’s current season, that’s completely fair. Unfortunately, judging it on the rest of his career — even if he’s a great checker and plays with grit — isn’t fair either. This is a totally one-side deal that doesn’t favor the Oilers.

Remember, they wouldn’t give up a first-rounder for Taylor Hall…

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