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Capitals’ Evgeny Kuznetsov Requested Trade, Says GM MacLellan

GM Brian MacLellan confirms Evgeny Kuznetsov’s trade request while discussing potential deals for the Capitals.

Washington Capitals forward Evgeny Kuznetsov has officially requested a trade, according to confirmation from Capitals General Manager Brian MacLellan. In an article on the team’s NHL website, Mike Vogel quotes MacLellan, who suggests that Kuznetsov could expedite his departure if he begins the season strongly and maintains his desire to leave the team. In other words, ‘Play well, and we’ll be able to make the deal you want, because, right now, it isn’t there.’

And, this comes from a GM who is prone to trading players who don’t want to be there.

This news follows Kuznetsov’s previous denial of trade rumors back in March when reports first emerged about his potential request. At that time, Kuznetsov dismissed the rumors, stating that people were spreading misinformation for attention on social media platforms. However, in the recent interview with Mike Vogel, MacLellan acknowledges the trade request and reveals that the Capitals are actively exploring trade options while keeping an eye on available trade targets.

The Capitals Are Looking at a Few Options

MacLellan expressed his desire to make a trade, highlighting the team’s proactive approach during the draft. However, despite their efforts, no deals materialized at that time. The Capitals have reportedly made promising trade offers, but the players they are targeting have yet to be moved by their respective teams. MacLellan speculates on the possibility of trades occurring closer to the deadline or when some players need to be signed. He emphasizes that the Capitals will remain actively engaged in trade discussions and keep a close eye on ongoing developments.

As the season approaches, the focus will be on how Kuznetsov performs and whether a trade will be facilitated to meet his desired departure from the Washington Capitals.

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