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Montreal Canadiens

Canadiens Wait on Trades Involving 2 Players They Want to Deal

The Montreal Canadiens are actively exploring the possibility of making trades this offseason in an effort to move certain players off their roster. However, finding takers for these players has proven to be a challenge for Canadiens General Manager Kent Hughes. Eric Engels of Sportsnet discussed the approach Hughes may be taking, particularly concerning Joel Armia and Mike Hoffman, two players the Canadiens would like to send to other teams, but who are not in high demand.

Joel Armia Mike Hoffman trade rumors Canadiens
Joel Armia Mike Hoffman trade rumors Canadiens

When asked if the Canadiens would consider adding additional incentives to facilitate trades involving Armia and Hoffman, Engels stated that if such a move was of genuine interest to the Canadiens, it likely would have already taken place, especially in Hoffman’s case. Engels suggested that the Canadiens are currently waiting for the dust to settle on free agency, hoping to capitalize on teams that may have missed out on their preferred targets.

Engels emphasized that there is no immediate urgency to move either player. He believes that Hughes is unwilling to offer additional assets or retain salary, considering that a significant portion of NHL teams are already near or above the salary cap due to LTIR spending.

Things Can Always Change

However, if the trade market offers limited options and the only viable choice is to retain salary and give up assets to move either Hoffman or Armia, Hughes may opt to place one or both players on waivers during training camp. This would create space on the roster for emerging players to secure a spot with the team.

As the Canadiens continue their pursuit of potential trades, the focus remains on finding suitable trade partners for Armia and Hoffman. If no favorable deals arise, the team may reassess their options during training camp to ensure a roster that maximizes their potential for the upcoming season.

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