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Canadiens Could Fetch a First-Round Pick for Sean Monahan

The Montreal Canadiens are considering trading Sean Monahan. How much can they get? Is he worth a first-round pick?

Recent discussions surrounding the Calgary Flames have focused on the potential trade of center Sean Monahan. The intriguing question, as highlighted by insiders, revolves around whether the Flames can secure a first-round pick in return for Monahan, especially considering they had to attach a first-round pick as an incentive to facilitate his move to the Montreal Canadiens.

TSN’s Pierre LeBrun sheds light on Monahan’s improved performance and health since joining the Canadiens, emphasizing the shift in his asset value. The prospect of acquiring a first-round pick for Monahan becomes more plausible as he thrives in Montreal, especially considering the contract he’s currently playing on.

Sean Monahan Montreal Canadiens trade talk

Conversations with various teams in recent days reveal a common theme – several teams are facing significant cap challenges. LeBrun presents a scenario where the Canadiens might absorb half of Monahan’s salary, making him an attractive option for teams seeking a cost-effective addition before the trade deadline. This strategic move by the Canadiens could significantly elevate Monahan’s value in the current market environment.

Furthermore, the scarcity of quality centers available in the trade market enhances Monahan’s appeal. With Elias Lindholm standing out as the top center on the market, Monahan becomes a valuable commodity in a position where demand outweighs supply. LeBrun points out that, despite the potential for changes leading up to the deadline, Monahan and Lindholm are currently the standout centers available.

What Team Will Pay a First-Rounder for Sean Monahan?

LeBrun suggests, in light of these circumstances, that there appears to be a plausible scenario where the Montreal Canadiens could secure a coveted first-round pick in exchange for Monahan. His strong season, accompanied by a lack of options for teams means his value will potentially skyrocket. LeBrun argues there are two centers worth looking at right now, but six to eight teams that need an upgrade.

As teams evaluate their center positions, Monahan becomes a very interesting name to watch.

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